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Jul 11, 2006 09:03 PM

Chevy Chase and Nat'l Portrait Gallery recs?

I live near San Francisco, and will be in D.C. for a conference and need recs for a dinner near Chevy Chase Embassy Suites and another one near the Nat'l Portrait Gallery. Prefer something unusual (not what I can find in SF), or stylish, or major-dessert-oriented. It's on my nickel, not expense account, but I don't mind paying for value. TIA!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. That neighborhood is not really a dining mecca for DC, IMO. But, I definitely recommend Indique Heights, which is right across the street from your hotel. Excellent Indian, it's the second DC location for Indique, which opened in Cleveland Park a couple/few years ago. Same folks have a few more well respected Indian restaurants in the DC area.

      I've been to Indique Heights once, Indique many, many times. Expected Heights to have a different menu, but it's the same. lots of interesting small plates too. Nice space, in a location that has not been friendly over the years to restaurants.

      A couple of blocks away from you you also have Mei Wah, which I would characterize as middle of the road Americanized Chinese food. Not bad, but certainly not special. they also have a sushi bar (i've not eaten sushi there).

      1. Forgot your other locale. You'll be in Penn Quarter, which IS a hot neighborhood for dining etc. Lots of places to consider; consider Jaleo, Cafe Atlantico, Zaytinya, even Teaism. You're on your own nickel, but if you want one what I believe to be the premiere dining experiences in the country right now, call Minibar (it's inside of Cafe Atlantico) and book one of its six seats. it's not everyone's cup of tea, but i've found it interesting and entertaining and have loved the food each of the times i've been there.

        1. Minibar sounds great, Geoff - I love food adventures! BTW: I found out that they take rez 30 days in advance, and it costs $95/person not including drinks, tax, tip.

          1. Zaytinya is fun and you can graze easily. Lots of interesting and unusual wines, too. Great people watching spot too. Minibar is wild, be prepared for some fun and a bit of a wild ride, though.