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Jul 11, 2006 08:42 PM

SF pre-theater: Rue Lepic, Cafe Andree, other around Post/Mason or 3rd Mission?

I am a brand new Hound and already addicted. Thank you for this site.

I need a nice (romantic would be great) resto for dinner Thurs 7/13 starting 5:30-6p that will leave us with an easy walk to Post x Mason theater -- or we could walk somewhere within 3rd/Mission hotel area and cab it to theater in a time crunch. Curtain is 8pm.

We're sated on sushi and he can't eat cheese and is not into spicy. Otherwise, anything goes within budget of around $120 for two including tax/tip.

I've read some nice things about Rue Lepic and Cafe Andree, comments? Any other suggestions? Thanks

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  1. I found Cafe Andree just ok and never went back

    In that link others liked it more than I did. Hope you will give us an update on Andree if you decide that is for you.

    Pazzia on third and Folsom is a nice Italian place. Occasionally traffic gets totally insane in the evening on that side of around Mission/3rd/folsom, so you might want to keep that in mind. Also, although it is a good area for cabs, sometimes with people leaving work, not a great time to catch a cab.

    Haven't been there yet but there have been some good reports about Hawthorne Lane in that area.

    That would be another place that would be nice to get an update on.

    1. For Hawthorne Lane, are folks still loving the happy hour bites at the bar?

      Happy hour and some dessert might be a nice alternative to a heavy dinner before the show.

      1. Sounds like you're going to Spelling Bee! It is great fun.

        We went to Anjou on Campton Place.
        La Scene on Geary would be another option.
        Both would come in within your price range.

        I like Cortez but always seem to wind up with a big bill there.

        1. if you are looking for sushi, there is a great place on mason, right at sutter called Aikeko (SP?) it is small, only seats 16 in the whole place, but it is the most incredible sushi I have had.. spider roll and alaskan roll to die for... not expensive at all, but the quality is amazing, small family place and the mom that makes the sushi does an exquisite job... that is where we had dinner before we saw spelling bee... which by the way very much surprised us and was a good time. have fun!