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Jul 11, 2006 07:25 PM

Best Chocolate Layer Cake

I'm looking for a handful of places that make to-die-for chocolate layer cake (any borough). We're addicted to the cake at The Chocolate Room, in Park Slope, but we'd like some options for when we can't get out there.

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  1. Blue Smoke and Amy's Bread on Bleecker are both excellent. My very favorite is Two Little Red Hens (one in Brooklyn, 1 on UES).

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    1. re: debra1234

      Second the double chocolate cake at Amy's Bread! It's very rich without being overly sweet. Great with a cold glass of milk.

      I may have to hit that this weekend.

      1. re: debra1234

        Which chocolate cake at Two Hens? Their signature is the Brooklyn Blackout cake, which is amazing (they use chocolate pudding for their filling, fudge frosting on top, dark chocolate cake). They also do a bunch of other filling/frosting combinations that are chocolate though. And although their original location is in Park Slope, the UES one is on 86th and 2nd (fairly accessible via 4/5/6).

      2. I love the Brooklyn Blackout, but have also tried filling/topping with chocolate buttercream, which is fabulous. Last time, I may have accidentally gotten a different cake by mistake -- I found it a bit TOO wet/moist.

        1. the blue smoke choc cake rocks. i never eat sweets, but its worth it. i think they use sour cream in the frosting , which makes it extra tasty... try it

          1. the dark chocolate with buttercream frosting from billy's bakery gets my vote.