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Jul 11, 2006 06:55 PM

food adventure with a 2 yr old

Want to do something fun and chow-ish with my 2 yr old tomorrow - any ideas for Manhattan or close by? She loves to try to new foods!

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  1. Sure I have some ideas Balki. Take her the water taxi to Water Taxi Beach and have a burger or hot dog. Or, maybe you should take her for a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (although its hot) to Grimalis and Brooklyn ice cream. My two year old loves to go for dim sum - gets a kick out of the carts.

    1. A Chinatown visit is always good....New York Noodletown - bustling, loud, lots to look at and hey - who doesn't like noodles! ....or maybe one of the soup dumpling joints....i'm spacing on the name of the good one.

      good luck!

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        Are you thinking of Yeah Shanghai?