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Jul 11, 2006 06:54 PM

Shipping legalities

If someone lives in a state where they can't order wine from a winery and have it shipped to them,

can they travel to the winery, pay for it there, and ask the winery to ship it to their home state?

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  1. Normally the answer is no. The winery will not ship to state that does not allow it. However, you can buy it at the winery and take it to an independent shipper of which there are several in Napa valley. When we lived in Texas years ago that was the case and we did this all the time.

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      Currently the ability to order wine from anywhere and having it shipped to Texas has been loosened up considerably. The situation is in flux while the legislature/regulators figure out how to comply with last year's Supreme Court decision.

      Granholm v. Heald and White Zin -

    2. It depends on which states. Some states have laws that allow a person to send wine home from a winery ONLY if they are at the winery in person. Some don't allow it at all. You'd have to call the winery in question and find out what their restrictions are. That and write letters to your state government to change their laws!

        1. Here's a link to the Wine Institute's site with state-by-state summary of direct shipping laws.

          Now that we've had a year to reflect on the impact of the Supreme Court's decision, in some instances, "being careful about what you wish for" has taken hold. Some previously "reciprocal" states (e.g., California) have adopted tighter controls and more hoops for consumers and wineries to jump through than were in force in the past. States like Pennsylvania have regressed and now require in-state wineries, which previously could ship direct to state residents, to go through the 3-tier system just like out-of-state wineries to level the playing field.