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Jul 11, 2006 06:52 PM

Weird Food I Can Buy Online?

What's some "unique" stuff I can get online? Keep in mind I live in Southern New England. I'm always looking to try new thing from around the World, but I'm limited in the number of ethnic markets I can go to. I'm looking for online resources for, well, weird food (I know weird is a pretty subjective thing, but work with me here). Meats, seafood, condiments, dried/canned goods, beverages - I'm looking for anything and everything.

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  1. I love Maruwa, a Japanese grocery in San Francisco that delivers all over the U.S. I live in Chicago, where the big Japanese shopping center, Mitsuwa, is a 40 minute drive away, so I depend on Maruwa a lot. Some of my favorite things from them are the snacky items: Kasugai Mame Itoko are covered peanuts (what they're covered with I don't really know offhand, but they are beautiful and delicious - some of them look like balls of Raku pottery), and Hyakkei Kongari Salad-Sen (a "salad" flavored rice cracker - addictive!). You can also get House brand Vermont Kari (Japanese curry mix), various dried seaweeds, dried fish snacks, and Calpico - a milk-based drink concentrate said to have originated in Outer Mongolia (also delicious). Here's a link:

    It's fun just to scroll through all the categories. Sometimes I just order items to see what I get.

    1. I like ( but if you're in southern New England you've probably got Italian food pretty well covered. Lobel's in New York will ship meats ( and Diamond Organics ( ships organic food nationwide. There's also Spanish food available at La Tienda ( and Korean at KOA (

      1. is one of the great sources for all manner of hard-to-find mid-eastern & asian ingredients....always excellent quality, immense selection & fine service.

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