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Jul 11, 2006 06:46 PM

Almondine in Dumbo.....what's good there?

Almondine in it worth a trip? Whats good there?

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  1. It's definitely worth a trip if you want bakery goods. The bread and pastries are incredible. My favorites are their almond croissant, madelines and chocolate chip cookies. Their baguettes are amazing. The only mediocre thing I've had there is when I bought an entire strawberry shortcake - gorgeous but bland.

    They have sandwiches which are incredible because of the bread. As you may know, Jacques Torres chocolate is across the street, which is worth a trip. And since you're in the area, walk to the pier and have some ice cream at the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory.

    All in all, Almondine isn't really a "destination" since it's 'just' a bakery, but if that's your thing, it's an amazing bakery. Fortunately, I live in the neighborhood!

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      Thanks for the quick reply!
      I've been looking for the next "great place" in regards to bakeries/ patisseries. I've been to Fachon and Payard a thousand times and as of late, they seem to have gone slightly south in quality IMO. Heard a lot of talk about Almondine, so I thought why not leave my neck of the woods (Manhattan) and see what all the talk is about. I love madelines....are Almondine's version moist?

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        "All in all, Almondine isn't really a "destination" since it's 'just' a bakery, but if that's your thing, it's an amazing bakery."
        Yeah, it's a nice neighborhood bakery and no, I don't find it too amazing. Good IF you are in the area already but not worth a special trip. It's a small shop with limited selection.

        If you are on the UES, you should give Lady M a try. Pricey (what do you expect in that hood?) but has lots of fancy desserts like Fauchon and Payard. If you want to go farther afield Financier in the Wall Street area is worth a try. Just opened Tisserie at Union Square is new to my to-try list.

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        The pretzel bread is a favorite of mine, the croissants are good, baguettes as well, and I too love the sandwiches. I work around the corner so I can't say that I'd leave Manhattan too often to come, but you can sit in the park right on the river under the bridges and enjoy your haul and that is a nice thing in itself even without the yummy stuff you'll have to snack on.

      3. My 3 favorite things there:

        -Almondine Bagette (part whole wheat and maybe more fermentation?)
        -Tuna Sandwiches

        Ok, 2 more:


        1. I like their Sacartarte (sp?)

          1. I'd say they are definitely a "destination" bakery. To my mind, they make the city's best baguette (better than Balthazar by far) and their croissants (plain and chocolate) are buttery and delicious. Also an amazing chocolate chip cookie.

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              How do they compare to the chocolate chip cookies at Jacques Torres across the street? I know many who are big fans but they are too sweet for me.

            2. chocolate chip cookies are amazing.
              Almondine is excellent, I also recommend getting customized cakes & pastries for birthdays, etc. Super-reasonable, and done with a lot of love. Wonderful place.