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Jul 11, 2006 06:46 PM

Critique of the International Boards

I have to say that the site looks good so far and I am getting used to it. However, the International boards look like a mess to me. Personally, I would like you to create a boards titled: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America - if I missed anything (eg. put Australia in its own board) then suggestions are welcome. It just looks like a mess right now since you have "International" encompassing random European countries, yet you have Italy listed separately. Just my 2 cents.

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  1. It is set up in an odd way. I'm assuming it's not final.

    I feel like there should be an Eastern Euro board.

    1. I like not having to wade through lots of messages I have no interest in and really appreciate the International board being broken out. It gives the individual countries as much weight as the US individual boards. Otherwise why not just have one US board? Seems to be the same idea too me. I go to London with some frequency, I love being able to click on the UK/Ireland board and not have to wade through messages about Mumbai, Florence, Marsailles etc. It give deserves focus to the countries and cities and makes it much easier to get to what you want. It isnot that I don't appreciate seeing the other countries and cities for future reference but I really like to be able to focus.

      1. It is a bit oddly organized. A couple possibilities include the following:

        a) Either organize the international--meaning non-U.S.--countries alphabetically. Here, one country with multiple regions could be sublisted. For example, Western Canada would be listed as Canada (Western).


        b) Have subheadings, such as North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Western Europe, etc., and then organize the various regions under these respective categories.

        1. Can someone please tell me how to get to the International boards? I just don't seem to see them listed with the other boards on the Boards home page. Thanks

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            They aren't listed on the right hand side of the Boards page? Sort've under "Getting Started"?


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              Oh my goodness!!! Of course they are there, except I never scrolled over that way!!!!DUH! I hope it's the heat we are experiencing here, otherwise, I'm further into losing my mind than I thought!!! Thanks you so much.