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Jul 11, 2006 06:38 PM

Las Vegas, where to find the best high end CHINESE restaurant?

Hi there, planning another trip to vegas.
Family and I enjoy the high end style of restaurant foods and setting. Looking to find a fancy and high end Chinese and or Asian style restaurant on or off the strip? thanks,

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  1. Rina,

    Here's the problem as I understand it. You can't pay for the best high-end Chinese food in Las Vegas, because that is supplied to high-rollers at hotels by the same chefs that are in charge of mediocre high-end restaurants in the same hotels. It's really annoying. I'm not aware of any great high-end restaurants in hotels.

    Your best bet might be Wing Lei at the Wynn or Chinois en Main in the Caesars Palace Forum. Both are French-influenced Chinese. Mayflower Cuisinier offers similar fare to Chinois at a lesser price point on West Sahara.

    I haven't eaten a lot of Chinese in LV in the last two years, but all of the best I've tried has been west of the Strip.

    1. Wing Lei in Wynn is excellent. As far as comparing with the best Chinese restaurant in SF or NYC, it will disappoint. That being said, it is very good when compared with other such restaurants in LV.

      1. Ping Pang Pong @ the Gold Coast. The food is authentic and incredible. Try the Peking Duck served with the Pancakes, scallions and Hoisin sauce or the Whole Maine Lobster Cantonese can't go wrong. The best Chinese in town. Can't wait for my next visit!

        1. We have eaten at Changs in Ballys (NOT PF Changs). It has always been delicious and great service. They have a shrimp thing with walnuts in a cream sauce that is fabulous.

          1. I would second Mayflower Cuisiner, as the ambience is quite nice and food is good.

            Best Chinese food is off the Strip. The closest you'll get to a combination of good Cantonese and decent atmosphere is Cathay House on Spring Mountain Road.