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Late Night Thai: HELP!

I have been informed that my old late night Thai standby Ruen Pair is closed for a month. Now I need a Thai restaurant that is open late, late like 12am+.

I called Yai and they close at 10 pm tonight.

Does anyone have any thai-town quality thai places that are open late. I do not want watered down American flavors but the real deal. Also include recommended dishes. Thanks!

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  1. Sanamluang is a late-nite staple if you are looking for Thai Town itself. In NoHo Krua Thai is another after-the-bars meeting spot. Both places are noodle specialists, so that is a great place to start.

    At Krua Thai, try the Pad Thai Krua Thai (not the regular pad thai).

    Although it is known as a noodle place, I have seen people eating a tasty looking rice dish at Sanamluang - it looks like kao pat talay (seafood fried rice).

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      Sanamluang is great for late-night Thai. I love their spicy Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles).

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        What are sanamluang's prices like? Do they do a good papaya salad? thanks!

      2. I like Hollywood Thai which is across from Sanamulauang. Love their duck with rice and the (I believe) chinese vegetables.

        1. Sanamluang is my favorite after Ruen Pair too.

          1. if you want real thai dishes and not just noodles, i'd suggest the restaurant on the second floor of the thailand plaza mall just west of the ruen pair strip mall. its a big place with its own stage where they have singers on weekends.

            i think theyre open till midnight or 1am. but i'd call ahead. they have a large menu with many dishes you wont see at other restaurants. the food is very authentic. pricing is a tad higher than what you may be used to. but only by a dollar or two per dish i think.

            its also a great place for big groups...

            taste of thai is good too on sunset and bronson. you can park in the arbys afterhours. this is where the thai kids party afterhours... this place is open till people leave...

            hollywdood thai is similar... but less clubby feeling.

            heaviest party action is on friday nights.

            1. Probably not authentic enough for the foodies on here, but Toi on Sunset is a lot of fun late nights. Always crowded, rock music blasting, great vibe. Thai is good enough to satiate the craving. Open til 4am, I believe...

              1. Sanamluang is the bomb-open 'till 4A every day. Authentic as they come. Spent a month in Thailand and was turned on to this place neary 20 years ago. Next door is Bangluck Market. Try the market in the am - on a weekend -when they stock the prepared shelves with all kinds of yummy treats. A few of my favs include black or white jasmine rice w/ coconut egg omelet and kabocha, dried shrimp mixture wrapped in lettuce leaves, banana leaves wrapped with jasmine rice and either sweet black bean or banana which makes for great breakfast food.
                Both are in a very small strip mall consisting of Bangluck on the corner, Sanamluang, and a small nick nack shop- a nifty place for buying gold leaf sheets, rose water and other religious tokens for Buddha. Orig. located on Hollywood Blvd a few blocks E of Western S side of street also on Sherman Way - North Hollywood. Also try Wat Thai (Thai Temple) sometime on the weekend - Roscoe and Coldwater. :) kq

                1. Pattaya Thai on Vermont just north of Hollywood Blvd. is open into the early morning hours.

                  1. Thanks everyone for all your suggestions.

                    We went to Sabanluang around 9:45 last night.

                    We got 6 dishes, including many of the recs that people recommended. I enjoyed it, although I was not floored. Perhaps I don't know enough about Thai food to really be impressed by this place. Part of it was that they stopped serving papaya salad, so I couldn't order one of my favorite dishes.

                    I don't think I'd go there again (it's a solid 45 minute drive for me). If I lived in the area though, and Ruen Pair was closed I'd defintly go there again. But I do think Ruen Pair is better. Anyway, thanks again.

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                      Sanamluang is a great pick in my mind - after midnight - or even better after 1:30am. Getting pad kee mao or pad see ew or a bowl of some kind of guay tiao instead of '2 eggs over easy' at Norm's seems like a downright miracle to me. Before midnight though, Sanamluang is just pretty good Thai food.