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Jul 11, 2006 06:21 PM

Indonesian cuisine?

Any Indonesian restaurant in Manhattan?
I know there is one in Hell's kitchen area somewhere but is there any other?

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  1. In addition to Bali Nusa in Hell's Kitchen (which I think is great btw), I've eaten at Borobudur Cafe on 4th street between 1st and 2nd ave. I'm pretty sure the guy who runs it is from Java, and the food was really delicious. There was no one there the night we went, and the place is small and the ambience is not the best, but it's pretty authentic. The tempe was delicious- (prepared exactly like we had in Bali last year)... and not something you can get at too many restaurants in Manhattan.

    A good choice if you care more about authentic good food, then atmosphere...

    eGustibus Food Blog:

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      this is great, thank you.
      Isn't food in Bali great? I'd go back to Bali just for the food.
      I will def check out Borobudur Cafe.

    2. I had a very poor meal at Bali Nusa a few weeks back. Only time, so maybe unlucky - but I don't think so.

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        What did you order? The service and decor left a lot of be desired... but we really enjoy the food.

      2. Nice to see you, Wilfrid.

        I haven't been to Bali Nusa Indah for a few years, because I never found the food much better than mediocre, and the last time I went, I had rather poor food with a side of lousy attitude - truly shocking at an Indonesian restaurant, since most Indonesians pride themselves on being _halus_ (refined, polite). Borobudur Cafe is in my hood. The food there is pretty authentic and OK but overpriced ($30 or more for food of that quality is too much, in my opinion), but the personnel are sweet and I enjoy speaking Malay/Indonesian with them. I consider Borobudur a neighborhood place, not a place to make a special trip to the East Village to go to, except once or twice if you're nostalgic for Indonesian food. On the other hand, if you can "settle" for Malaysian food, I had a delicious dinner at Skyway tonight, which I'll post about separately.

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          Just in case you're interested, I put my report on that dinner at Skyway here:

          Interesting thread about Indonesian places in Queens. Thanks for the link, Peter.

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            Hello yourself! Service did start bad with a waiter trying gruffly to seat my party in the deserted, dingy back room, while there were tables in the front. We relocated, and our new waiter was fine. The food was so unmemorable, I described it as "Appetizers were deep fried stuff, tasting mainly of oil. Entrees showed off how much rice or noodles you could get on a plate." And I'd had recommendations for the place too, so it was a disappointment.

          2. I eat lunch at Bali Nusa all the time because it's close to my work, but it's nothing to write home about. But I've never had bad service there -- maybe it's only bad at night.

            Another thread on this on the Outerborough Board:

            1. i've been to both bali nusa indah, and borobudur, both places serves mediocre foods,
              if you're willing to travel bit further to Queens, try Minang Asli, take the R train,
              stop at Elmhurst Avenue, it's on Broadway and Whitney. or Upi Jaya (also in Queens,
              7 at 74th St.-Broadway; E, F, G, R, V at Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave). Both places
              are reasonably priced, friendly staffs & wider selections


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                Which is better, Minang Asli or Upi Jaya, or are they just different, and if so, how? If you prefer, answer on the Outer Boroughs board and post a link in this thread, or just refer me to a preexisting thread.