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Jul 11, 2006 06:02 PM

La Bonita Mexican Food @ Santa Monica & Edgemont

Looking for a quick review of "La Bonita Mexican Food" at Santa Monica and Edgemont in the East Hollywood/Los Feliz area.

It looks like it could be an outstanding "mom & pop."

Then again...there's a "B" in the window.

Is it BYOB?

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  1. I haven't eaten there in a year or two. (They have, or at least had, a regular transsexual hooker clientele, which, inexplicably, put off the Missus). When I went there, in their old location, I thought the food was excellent. Grandma and mom were in the kitchen cranking out really wonderful homemade Mexican food with tons of love, and the son/son-in-law (I think) was serving. I thought it was some of the best Mexican food I've had, but, like I said, it's been a while and they've since moved.

    If you give them a try, please report back. (The Missus is going out of town in a couple of weeks, and I just might have to swing by for dinner one night.)

    1. Yeah, they did have good stuff at the old place. I'm thinking of the soup with the corn on the cobb in it--what's it called?

      1. I have never tried it, but that B rating must be recent as the health dept. web site shows a Nov '05 rating of 92, or A, and all previous ratings have been either B or A.
        Is this place diagonally across from Marouch, my favorite Middle Eastern restaurant - sure sounds like it?