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Jul 11, 2006 05:21 PM

University City Dining Days is Back - July 20-27

This popular promotion returns and is a great opportunity for diners to try some new dining experiences.
Twenty six of University City’s most popular eateries will feature a pre-fixe, three-course dinner special for $20, $25, or $30 (excluding tax, alcohol and gratuity). Participating restaurants include Pod, White Dog Café, Rx, and more. For more details on Dining Days including participating restaurants, menus and parking discounts, visit today.

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  1. I had a horrible meal at White Dog last season. My tofu dish was very oily, and the portions at our table were off. Some people that ordered the same dishes got twice the serving as others. The plating of my food was a mess. It turned me off from White Dog, which is a shame, as it is probably better on a regular night.

    Does anyone have any luck with these dining deals - University City or Center City? I have always been disappointed.

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      Went to Marigold Kitchen the last time. It was very good.

    2. Mostly disappointments also

      1. We went to Nan during the last university city dining days (by chance -- we didn't plan it). I ordered off the regular menu (I can't really eat three courses), but my husband ordered off the special university dining days menu, and was VERY happy. He had a watercress soup to start, and a duck dish with some kind of fruity sauce (i'm having trouble remembering exactly what it was) -- he loved it. I can't recall desert either, we are not big sweets people. My chicken and shrimp dish off the menu was divine.

        1. I have had the most wonderful calamari at RX, and they regularly have the $25 (mon-thurs) 3 course deal. Small place but I have never left hungry or let down.

          On the other hand, White Dog has been painfully dissapointing. I really wanted to like it because it is so close to my husband's work and would be a very convenient place, but I was underwhelmed.

          1. We haven't done the University City dining days yet but we're going to try Marigold Kitchen this year. We always do these special weeks and are rarely disappointed. We had a very good time at the South Street 8 days of Eats -- Creole Cafe, Django and Horizons were all excellent.