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Jul 11, 2006 05:11 PM

London with Kids

Los Angeles CH visiting London. Staying close to London Eye, etc, but will be all over London. I hear pubs are kid friendly...true? Other recs for Indian, traditional british fare or anywhere else that is great for both adults and kids?
Thank you

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  1. No. Pubs are not "kid friendly"

    1. Ditto on the pubs comment.

      Good fast food (different from states fare) would be the "Pret a Manger" chain thruout London. Sandwiches of various types (my fav is the duck with hoisin sauce wrap) and drinks and chips. Grab a bunch then head for nearest park for nice lunchtime experience.


      1. I took my cousin and her ten year old to Belgo for lunch. We all had a great time. You can Google for their locations.. we stopped in near Covent Garden/Leicester Square area near Seven Dials. The ten year old ate mussels (to my surprise), but there are good hamburgers and Belgian fries on the menu. Kids usually enjoy dim sum in Chinatown (New World is good) or maybe fish and chips? I've rarely seen kids at a London pub - only out in the countryside. Wagamama is another decent chain -there aren't too many who don't enjoy some noodles.