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Jul 11, 2006 04:39 PM

Montrealer's upcoming trip to Boston

I'm visiting Boston next week (with my mother and college-age brother) and we're looking for a few good recommendations (breakfast/lunch/dinner). Nothing too fancy, too trendy or too expensive; we're looking for good value as well as memorable and enjoyable meals. We're staying in the Copley plaza area, so nearby suggestions would be great!
Thanks so much!

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  1. mamg, maybe do a quick search here for "Back Bay" or "Copley" as well as this week's posts - there is a concurrent post out there today of someone looking for somewhat the same thing for dinner. The new search feature on this site makes it much easier and you can browse around and sort by date as well.

    1. Mmm, so many choices, in the area. Here are three (one for each meal):

      breakfast: Trident Bookseller on Newbury Street (Back Bay). This is a combination bookstore/cafe. They have excellent breakfasts, and it's a pretty mellow spot.

      lunch: The Paramount on Charles Street (Beacon Hill). The Paramount is a bustling spot that has good breakfasts and lunches at decent prices.

      dinner: Giacomo's on Columbus Avenue (South End). Excellent Northern and Southern Italian food in the heart of one of Boston's most interesting neighborhoods.

      There are so many more places from which to choose. I'd say do a search on this site for restaurants in the Back Bay, and you'll come up with some good ideas. Have fun! I can't wait to get back to the House of Jazz still up there? Had a great time there awhile back...

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        Thanks so much for your recommendations - I'm looking forward to trying them out! And yes, the House of Jazz is still alive and well!

      2. My Copley Plaza area recs for someone from Montreal:

        Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe (529 Columbus Ave, which is about 3-4 blocks south and 2-3 west of the Copley mall) is a Boston classic. The home fries are usually excellent. I'm not personally a fan of turkey hash, but many others love it. Lunch is good, as well. Not open on Sundays, though. And if you go on Saturday, go early, like around 8.

        Parish Cafe (361 Boylston, a block north of the Prudential mall and multiple blocks east) has a great selection of sandwiches by some of the best known chefs in the area. Good beers on tap, too.

        Douzo (131 Dartmouth, across the street from Neiman Marcus in the Copley mall) is supposed to be great for Japanese food. Do a search for specific recs.

        Brasserie Jo (120 Huntington Ave, in the Colonnade Hotel) has generously sized and mighty tasty martinis, particularly the Colonnade Royale. Sit at the bar--all of the bartenders are great (we love Cesar!), and you can order off the menu. Not on the menu: hard-boiled eggs by request (goes surprisingly well with beer), a croque monsieur, and a burger.

        Dim sum (not Copley area, but...):
        It would be worth a trip to Chinatown for dim sum on Saturday or Sunday morning. I like to go before 10, before the crowds hit.

        Brunch on a nice day: Abe & Louie's (793 Boylston, across the Prudential mall) or Stephanie's (190 Newbury, a few blocks away) or Sonsie (327 Newbury, in the other direction) so that you can sit outside, watch people, and decent food, although you'll certainly pay extra

        We're hoping to get back to Montreal in the next month or two, since it's been too long since we last ate at Brunoise.


        1. This thread might be of some assistance. I'll also throw out Laurel as a good value for pretty good food.

          1. Thanks so much everyone for your recs! These sound fantastic!