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Jul 11, 2006 04:31 PM

anything we can do for Sushi Zo?

Dear Friends,

I know others have posted on this topic before, but I wanted to add in my 2 cents. I was at Sushi Zo on National yesterday. Fantastic meal, and Keizo was as warm, helpful, and friendly as always. BUT my friend and I were the sole patrons from 7-9pm. I can't believe business isn't picking up. Was this an off night? If not, is there anything we can do? Write to the LA Weekly? I'd hate to see this place close.


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  1. I know. This is not a good situation. My husband and I were there on Friday, July 7 at 7:30 and there was only one other couple in the restaurant the whole time we were there. I live in this neighborhood and really want to see this place do well. The food is great.

    1. About a month ago on a Saturday night, we, too, had a delicious "omakase" dinner there at the sushi bar. For the couple of hours that we were there we saw only about 6 other guests.

      Keizo has extremely high standards, and WE are the beneficiaries of his expertise and diligence. We are rooting for him as well!

      Contacting the LA Weekly is surely one idea, and letting other Hounds know how good he is might also be helpful.

      1. Sounds like this might be a perfect location for someone to take over all or part of for a private party.

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          Please invite me!

          Actually, I don't think of "party" when I think about Sushi Zo. It is very serious sushi, without the 'tude and 'tensity. The chef-owner holds extremely high standards for himself, yet he is quite relaxed and makes it all look very easy. We felt very comfortable and welcome, and conversed freely with Keizo while he was serving us. Additionally, the service was perfectly attentive.

          This is a place for someone who really appreciates everything that goes into fine sushi, and even in silence there is a lot of interaction that occurs between the sushi chef and the patron. Somehow, I think that the "volume" of a party would overpower and dilute the zen-ish experience of the sushi.

          To those who have been here...if you "get" me, help me say this better, please!

        2. Ok, I just wrote an email to the LA Weekly (the only contact I could find was the "feedback" button on the web site). Would other folks do the same? Perhaps if we swamp them with messages they'll write a review.

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          1. re: nibbler

            Nibbler -- I just did the same: I sent the LA Weekly a message on their "Feedback" button at the end of their site.

            Thanks for leading on this!

          2. I really like the quality at Sushi Zo. But it's somewhat expensive; not exactly something that I can afford to enjoy every week. First time I had omakase there I left with a $75 bill (without drinks) and I was still hungry. I'd gladly eat there more often if it weren't so hard on my wallet.

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            1. re: WBGuy

              quick ?. for the $75 bill do you recall how many pieces you received?

              1. re: wilafur

                I don't recall what I had. I think the prices he wrote down were for each piece of nigiri, not for a pair. It quickly adds up when you're hungry.

                Not really a fair comparison, but I'm used to paying $70 for omakase for two people at Shibucho Costa Mesa, and leaving the place feeling stuffed.

                I would still go to Zo rather than other Westside sushi places. However if I could spare the time and the fuel it's still a better experience and a better bargain to drive to Costa Mesa.

              2. re: WBGuy

                The two of us paid $100 for omakase, and split a large sake. We left feeling full (but not ill).

                1. re: nibbler

                  Likewise, our bill totaled about $100 (before gratuity) for two for an "omakase" dinner, one draft beer and one hot tea. We were quite satisfied when we left.

                2. re: WBGuy

                  I had a similar experience. Before my visit, I had never experienced omakase. The postings on Chowhound led me to try omakase since a couple of posters estimated omakase was about $50 per person. I admit it was very naïve of me, but I didn't really know what to expect and I thought omakase might be prix fixe. My total bill (including one beer, tax and tip) was over $90. I was pretty surprised at the cost, especially since I was not "stuffed". I probably had no more than a dozen pieces.