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Jul 11, 2006 04:19 PM

Veg-friendly near San Jose Hyatt

I will be at the San Jose Hyatt (1740 North First Street) at the end of the month for the BlogHer Conference and am looking for good eats in the area.

I won't have a car but can taxi around.

I'm a vegetarian (no fish chicken etc), but will eat any style of food and have been known to close my eyes and pretend like there's no lard in the refried beans if I have to (I'd rather compromise my veg principles than make a scene by going through the menu with a fine-toothed comb. So sue me).

Set me up, SJ hounds. I can't wait to see what your fine city holds.

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  1. I hope you haven't already left yet. Downtown San Jose has a great vegetarian Vietnamese restaurant called White Lotus:

    The deluxe stuffed tofu is an absolute must.

    Arcadia is the restaurant at the Marriot, Il Fornaio is at the Sainte Claire, Paragon is at the Hotel Montgomery, and La Pastaia is at the De Anza. All are good, although they're fancy restaurants, not vegetarian ones. But they would accommodate vegetarians, as would Eulipia, Emile's, A.P Stump's, 71 St. Peter and Agenda. (I especially recommend Emile's and the Grande Marnier souffle for dessert.


    There is a farmer's market on Friday in San Pedro Square (where 71 St. Peter and A. P. Stump's are)

    and there is a concert every Thursday evening in Plaza Cesar Chavez.

    For less pricey eats, try Thai at House of Siam

    I've actually never eaten at Picasso's, but I want to; it sounds good. And tapas are usually vegetarian-friendly

    Even cheaper, and a real San Jose thing, are the tofu banh mi at Lee's Sandwiches. There's one downtown at 260 E Santa Clara St.

    I don't have a downtown Mexican recommendation at my fingertips, but there is a taqueria on every block downtown; it's a zoning requirement or something. Good luck! I hope it cools down by the time you get here.

    1. White Lotus is pretty good.

      You might also want to try Vegetarian House on Santa Clara Street. It has a huge menu of vietnamese, chinese and american food. The menu is entirely vegan so there will be lots of options. It's an odd kind of place though with semi-cultish decor and propaganda literature.

      The SJ Museum of Art has a good cafe/deli that I think is operated by La Pastaia people.

      Picasso's is so-so and I'm definitely not a fan of Lee's Sandwiches. It's a banh mi chain and that serves mediocre versions of the real thing.

      You might also want to check out Japan Town which is not that far from your hotel. Has lots of options, albeit all Japanese.