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Jul 11, 2006 03:59 PM

Paul Revere Restaurant - West Medford

Any scoop on this place? We recently moved to Medford from Chicago (which I now think of as land of the greatest breakfast places), and we're in search of some good breakfast. I love a quality greasy spoon and at least from the outside and menu Paul Revere seems to fit the bill. Thoughts? Advice?

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  1. I live in the neighborhood, but have only been a few times. Its worth a trip since you like breakfast and its a nice neighborhood place, but for consistent good breakfast there are probably better options. I tend towards the Neighborhood in Somerville, Andros in Belmont, or 3 Yolks in Revere. I am not a big fan of Soundbites, but it gets the lines... and I have heard Kelly's has good corned beef hash.

    1. I like Soundbites, Kelley's and Rene's Cafe in Somerville. Paul Revere used to be good, I've heard it's gone downhill in the past few years. For a breakfast sandwich, I like The Magnificent Muffin (?) up the road from PR - next to Brooks. The ladies who run the place are sweethearts. There's also a place in Arl. Hgts., across from something Savory - forget the name - that might be worth checking out.

      1. I can't believe someone's posting about this place! I moved to West Medford about a year ago, and while I have had moments of curiosity about it from time to time, it's never even approached serious thoughts of trying it. Maybe I should?

        As far as the other local breakfast options, definitely hit SoundBites in Ball Square and the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown. I've enjoyed Renee's in Teele Square and Kelley's in Ball Square in the past, but haven't been to either in years.

        Regarding the Magnificent Muffin & Bagel Shoppe, I like their muffins a lot, and will have to try their breakfast sandwiches. And the ladies who run the place absolutely are sweethearts. I ran in the other morning, ordered an iced coffee, opened my wallet and said, "Oops! Never mind! My wallet's empty!" to which they responded, "No, no, you can just pay us tomorrow," and then asked, "Are you going to be able to get through the day with an empty wallet? Do you need any cash?" So cute.


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          I was at the Town Diner this morning and had some wonderful French toast made with sourdough bread studded with nuts and raisins.

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            Why would it not cross your mind to try it if it's right in your neighborhood?

            I just read about it in the Phoenix I think, sounds like a good basic spot.

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              I don't know. I guess it looks a bit unappetizing? Same reason I haven't tried Hong Kong Village or Jimmy's Pizza and Subs. Maybe I'll discover one day that one of these places has great Chinese or Cheesesteaks (or breakfasts in the case of Paul Revere), but I'm guilty of heading for the places nearby that I know and love (Soundbites, Wang's, Bob's respectively) rather than gamble on an unknown. Maybe that makes me a less effective trailblazer kind of hound, but I certainly will not hesitate to drive way out of my way, to go somewhere scary, or to try something unusual for great food.


          2. If this place is still owned by the kid John that bought it years ago it should be great. The breakfast portions were large and the food was great. It may not be "greasy spoon" enough for your likings. It 's been there for years-even longer than all the other places mentioned above- that has to count for something. I really enjoyed it all the times I have gone.

            1. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts on Paul Revere and other local breakfast spots. We gave it a whirl this weekend. Great service with friendly waitstaff (came to see if they could help when my 22 month old daughter began to cry because she dropped a bite of pancake rather than pretend to ignore us, which is the normal approach), clean and interesting in an old school way interior, good and VERY HOT coffee. I wish I could rave about the food -- I wanted to love it. But, at best the food was average. Eggs were slightly overcooked, pancake a bit too heavy and cakey. Husband's meat products were so so. That being said, however, I cleaned my plate, and we'll probably go back. Sometimes you just want the basics done fairly well, and when that mood strikes, Paul Revere fits the bill. And the was a cheap breakfast!