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Jul 11, 2006 03:49 PM

North End group dinner

Hi -- I moved from Boston years ago and am no longer that familiar with the scene. What's the best North End place that:

* is moderately priced

* will take a reservation for a mid-size group (8 or 10)on a Tuesday night

* has at least a couple of vegetarian options

* isn't crazy loud

* is more Southern than Northern Italian, and is more traditional than creative (I'm coming from SF, where we have too much creative and not enough traditional)

Thanks very much!

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  1. Antico Forno on Salem St. is a friendly, relaxed & reasonable little place & is a board favorite. It has brick oven pizza, fresh pastas & both traditional & creative entrees.

    1. Eclano on Salem Street is very good, even if it doesn't have a particular regional focus. Secondi around $20-30, so may not be moderately priced by SF standards.

      Slightly less pricey (a few dollars less for a main course) is Maurizio's, that features a few Sardinian dishes. Very solid.

      Haven't been to Ristorante Lucia in a while, but I enjoyed their Abruzzese cooking and heartfelt desserts. Menu's is all over the place, but look for the dishes from Abruzzo.

      I'd also check out Limoncello, which seems to have Calabrese roots. It's a reliable, local favourite.

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        If you go to Limoncello, my never-fail dishes are the stuffed artichokes with bits of sopresatta, stuffed peppers (the long green Italian ones) - the owner's mom's recipe - not listed on the menu, but they almost always have it, and the rosetta pasta. My husband always orders the veal parm. I've also always enjoyed their specials. Nice big room, but still warm and friendly, they take reservations, and pretty sure they have valet parking that they share with the restaurant across the street. They are great with a group of your size, and complimentery homemade limoncello to finish your meal is always nice. Haven't been to any of the other Hounds' faves mentioned, but will be checking out Eclano in the next couple of weeks per Limster's rec.

        1. re: Rubee

          Great - love to hear an Eclano update, they just changed their menu.

      2. 5 North Square will fit the bill - I've been there with up to 16 people and had great service. They make an excellent Portofino - kinda like all the items in Cioppino over pasta fra diavolo. Here's their menu: