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Jul 11, 2006 03:47 PM

Restaurant recommendation for Miami, tonight!


I'm looking for a restaurant recommendation for tonight in Miami. The group is around 6-8 people, and ideally, we'd like to try some local specialties. Thing is, we don't know what the specialties are, exactly.

I'd appreciate any recommendations for restaurants and dishes we should try.


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  1. Tonight's a tough request, especially with so little information. Please answer a few questions to help us help you.

    How much are you willing to spend? Do you have a car and how far are you willing to drive? Where are you coming from? Are you wine drinkers? Is "scene" important to you, or do you prefer something out-of-the-way?

    This board is literally teeming with recommendations for Miami. Obviously excellent Cuban is something that you'll get in Miami that's hard to find elsewhere -- my favorite is Versailles, on Calle Ocho (8th St.) around 36th Avenue or so. There are several churrascarias that might be an interesting experience if you've never been, including one downtown whose name escapes me. But as a major metropolitan city you'll find top-notch restaurants in every cuisine, from Thai to Italian to Greek and back.

    Use our new handy search feature and browse some of the recommendations on this board, then narrow down your search. We'd be happy to comment on specific restaurants or narrow queries for neighborhoods/cuisines/situations.

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      1. If you want the local specialties, you pretty much have 2 options.

        1) Joe's Stone Crab - on 1st street on South Beach. It's a Tuesday night, so the lines shouldn't be too bad (but I'm in LA so you may want to check on that).

        2) I'll go with Covert Ops...Versailles is your best bet for cuban food. Man...just typing that is making me drool. I'm in LA and we have a few cuban places but they're all FAKE! Nothing like the real thing!

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          Aren't stone crabs out of season? Joe's web site says it's open but that season ends May 15, and their summer menu doesn't mention stone crabs except with the steak.

          I've never been to Joe's but from what I've heard of the wait, I wouldn't brave it unless you're actually going to get some stone crabs.

          For some fun, trendy places, check out Lincoln Mall, a pedestrian-only stretch of Lincoln Road on the beach.
          I wouldn't even begin to guess what's still there, though I always enjoyed the jazz at Van Dyke Cafe. Search the board for Lincoln Road for suggestions.

          For people watching and decent food (IMO, others on this board both agree and disagree) I'd try News Cafe on Ocean Drive, open 24 hours.

          1. re: Covert Ops

            Thanks for the tips. I checked out some of the posts, and I think we are going to try Puerto Sagua.