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places to take a vegan

So my vegan friend is coming to town and I'm looking for some delicious restaraunts to show him. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm only vegetarian so as long as theres vegna options then thats fine.

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  1. A few suggestions:

    Gobo, in the West Village on 6th near Waverly (and also somewhere in the UES) has an interesting all-veg menu and while I've never gone with a vegan I'm certain they'd be accomodating.

    For low-key vegan food, Sacred Chow on Sullivan between 3rd and Bleecker is worth a visit - they have a great Happy Hour deal between 3 and 6 - a bunch of of $4 options with a drink purchase.

    Hangawi is veg and vegan Korean on 32nd between Madison and 5th - they do amazing things with mushrooms and it's sort of an 'experience' place; you take your shoes off and sit on the floor.

    Good thing about eating veg and vegan: it's never all that expensive :)

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      hangawi is good, but it's pretty expensive. it was about $40pp last time i went, incl tax/tip.

    2. Gobo is fine, and the other vegan restaurants I'd recommend are Pure Food & Wine, Blossom and Counter. But I always remind people that there are regular restaurants vegans can eat: it might surprise you, but you can do well at two of Batali's restaurants - Otto and Lupa. Great vegetable sides, oil rather than dairy is the cooking vehicle, and Otto almost always has one or two non-dairy pizzas. I know I've sent vegetarians to Casa Mono too; not sure about vegans.

      1. This might be a fun suggestion....they have a four course vegan dinner every friday. I believe it's byo as well.


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          Yes, the 4-course vegan dinner is excellent. We wrote about it a few months back, if you want to see some photos and read more. I also really like Blossom-- it's the kind of place that makes you feel as if you're not eating just vegan food.


          NYCnosh: http://nycnosh.com

          1. i think candles and candles 79 are the best places for a vegan...for casual, i think kate's joint will suffice.

            1. Upper East Side gobo is at 3rd Avenue at 81st street... The menu is something like 98% vegan. yum...

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                by "yum" were you being sarcastic? just curious.

                also, from the times review from a few months back it doesn't sound half bad.

                some nice eggplant dishes and an avocado tartare, those are delicious vegan foods even to non-veggies.

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                  by "yum" I mean Gobo is one of my favorite restaurants in new york city.
                  Favorite dishes: Tender Sliced seitan in ginger marinade, vegetable and pine nut lettuce wraps, roti canai, beet salad with string beans, pecans and mustard dressing, spinach dumplings, beijing style smoked seitan and yam & yucca fries. I take meat eaters all the time and they all get obsessed.

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                    I'm so there next time i'm in new york, but I'll probably have to sandwich it into the more famed joints, so maybe I'll have to have a three time dinner or three dinners. probably sandwich it between otto and perry st or pearl oyster bar.

                    oh, do you have a preference for which locale is better, upper east side or west village?

                    and what about desserts???? thanks.

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                      I am partial to the upper east side for a couple reasons:
                      1. much less crowded... although make reservations for prime time weekend seating.
                      2. less scene-y than downtown.
                      3. Better service.
                      4. While this location is moderately less stunning in its decor, on a nice day you can sit near these open doors that face 3rd avenue. Great for a late afternoon lazy lunch with a fresh juice.
                      5. chakra rolls. I think these are only on the menu at the gobo on the upper east. They are these raw vegetable rolls stuffed with cabbage, topped with salad and sprouts in an almond sauce. Hard to describe, subtle in flavor but crunchy, healthy and different!

                      The only reasons to go to the west village is for the scene if you're into that... Cool lamps suspended over the center tables... great decor, convenient location.

                      So yes, upper east is my preference but you can't go wrong with either overall!

                      As for desserts, they change seasonally. I had an interesting poached pear with a hollowed out center filled with chocolate ganache recently. My vegan sister in law has dreams about the chocolate cake. In all honesty, I find myself missing the sugar, butter, cream and refined flour. I say skip the dessert and get a juice to start - a little tip: Get 1 juice to split between 2 people. If you drink a whole juice yourself you'll have little appetite to gorge on the seitan. Better yet, go get gelato at Otto afterwards!

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                  I am a carnivore, but I too am a big fan of gobo. Three carnivores and a vegan ate at the Village location and we all enjoyed it very much. I now regularly have food delivered to me from there.

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                    Awesome! What are your favorite dishes?

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                      Vietnamese spring rolls, steamed spinach dumplings, scallion pancake (LOVE that mango salsa), and the combo plates: I don't know what I'm eating, but it all tastes good!

                3. Blossom is the best place for an all vegan dinner in manhattan, but candle 79 is also quite good. Counter's become less vegan-centered lately, though it's probably still a pretty good choice (especially for brunch, I've always liked their waffles and fake-omlettes much better than their dinner foods).

                  For the non-veg places that are nice for vegans: Quartino is an organic italian place that's quite nice and will accomodate vegans. Dok Suni is also easy. L'asso and Una Pizza Napoletana both offer vegan pizzas on the menu. Mo-bay, (both in fort green and in harlem) also has tons of options--even fake chicken roti. If you want to go high end, Craft, Tabla and Colors will all do nice vegan dishes with little or no warning.

                  On the more casual end, pukk, madras cafe, rice, village mingala, li hua, and even the bahn mi place on grand street are all inexpensive, fairly tasty, and all very vegan friendly. Foodswings in williamsburg is wonderful for milkshakes, and take your guest to the lower east side for a huge does of vegan-ness all in one place with babycakes, teany, mooshoes and tiengarten (though i've not been impressed with tiengarten).

                  1. Mo-bay is a good suggestion, easily overlooked. Upscale, a vegan can usually order off March's regular menu too, and they will prepare a vegan tasting menu with warning.

                    Casual, Tuck Shop and Dawgs on the Park have things like vegan pies and tofu dogs (respectively).

                    1. i think vatan, all you can eat indian, is vegan. i could be wrong though.

                      1. the tofu dogs at dash dogs on rivington btw essex and norfolk are great, and the avocado salsa and cilantro-garlic salsa toppings are delicious.

                        1. I ate at Gobo just recently and it was the best meal I had in NYC hands down. The food is excellent and so is the service. Snack was really good too.

                          1. I love Vegetarian Dim Sum House on Pell St. in Chinatown. Especially good mock shrimp dumplings, fried bananas with honey, sauteed pea shoots, and fresh juices. It's also very inexpensive.

                            1. If you want DREAM vegan desserts, you MUST take your friend to Lifethyme supermarket.
                              They have a big take-out section with HUGE vegan cookies for $2.5 (try the Raspberry Tollbooth) and try the vegan apple crumble pie (trust me, it's a dream!) I've surveyed different places and this place does it better than many restaurants. (Although I am a raw vegan now...and I deteste chocolate).

                              Caravan of Dreams (6th st between 1st and avenue A) is good too!
                              We should know what type of friend you're bringing (girl / boy friend, budget, etc).

                              1. Zen Palate. There are a couple around.

                                1. What about Angelica's Kitchen? That is pretty good. And what about the one near Greenwich Ave..downstairs..can anyone remember the name? Both were very good, as I recall.

                                  1. I 4th Gobo! I too am a meat eater and love the village location (cool entry way and likely a 'hood your visiting friend would find more interesting). If you go, they have an avocado tartare (ap) that I adore and can't at all figure out a few of the ingredients (in fact, post again if you go and order that dish ... I'd love your 2cents on what's in it).

                                    Also, for a casual, calm, but nice lunch try Souen on 13th between University and 5th. Your basic veg. fare (some fish and other non vegan options too) but well done and affordable. In fact, I'd go there over Angelica's any day (I live next to Angelica's and actually have very neg. feelings about the place ... esp. take out but even eat in tends to be less than exciting and served with 'tude galore).