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Jul 11, 2006 03:23 PM

Where to find culantro?

Has anyone seen this around? I was thinking maybe the Super 88 but I wasn't dure.

No, it's not cilantro misspelled, but a different herb. Thanks.

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  1. Try a supermarket with a Caribbean/Latin American clientele.

    1. Any recommendations between back Bay and Dorchester?


      1. One can easily purchase culantro at almost any supermarket or bodega in Jamaica Plain. It is a staple of Dominican cooking (especially prominent in soups, I am told). In fact, what you probably known as cilantro would be referred to as 'cilantrillo' (literally 'little cilantro') in Dominican Spanish to disambiguate between the little leafy one and the thicker, leafier and more pungently flavored counsin that you seek. Puerto Ricans call it 'recao'.

        According to wiki, culantro (or Eryngium foetidum) is also a staple of Vietnamese cooking, so you can probably also find it at one of the several Asian markets in town that cater to the Vietnamese community.

        While we are on this, I must admit that I was a bit surprised to learn this is also a staple of Vietnamese food. Can any of you hounds think of particular dishes that feature the herb and restaurants that make them especially well?

        1. Market Basket in Somerville has had it in the past.

          1. I'm pretty sure Tropical Foods on Washington Street outside of Dudley has it. I've seen it recently at Russo's in Watertown and also the Somerville Market Basket (but not always).

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