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Jul 11, 2006 03:14 PM

San Pablo – Uncle Sam’s RIP – Welcome The Villa Modern Chinese Cuisine

About three months ago Uncle Sam’s Buffet closed to be replaced by The Villa which is not a buffet.

The take-out Thai street noodles were spicy hot chow fun chock full of fresh basil, chicken, beef, slivered red and green bell peppers, fresh green beans, onions and probably other items. The veggies were finely chopped as was the meat. None of those huge barely cooked veggies that some Chinese restaurants serve. It was chow fun in all its glorious, greasy goodness.

I’m not sure what makes this place ‘Modern Chinese Cuisine”. There were still the usual suspects down to moo goo gai pan ... wow, I haven’t seen that for a while.

Maybe it is the variety of Asian dishes side by side ... a melting pot of cultures ... Korean short ribs, gyoza, Shanghai cucumbers, Shanghai dumplings, Thai basil prawns, chicken teriyaki, crispy, Szechwan chicken, Hong Kong noodles, Hunan calamari, Singapore rice noodles, Cantonese chow fun, Mongolian lamb, Buddha’s feast and fried chicken.

Some of the items that appeal to me are the ginger garlic lamb, pepper beef ribs, five spiced beef stew clay pot, mustard green flounder fillet and pineapple pork.

Just noted that side by side on the menu are chicken corn chowder, tofu miso soup and won ton soup.

There are most of the regular Chinese dishes, but it is not a large menu by Chinese restaurant standards.

Lunch (11 am – 4 pm) offers plates from $4.75 - $5.95. Soup is included if dine-in. There is a choice of steamed or fried rice. For noodles add one dollar.

It is a pleasant looking restaurant with a bar at the back, sort of China Village type of décor.

The Villa
13993 San Pablo Avenue
(Near La Strada, near the 23rd/San Pablo Ave intersection)
San Pablo, Ca 94806


11 am – 9 pm daily

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  1. Huh, oh yeah. That's what a co-worker said, buffet gone. Plus they moved the front door to the other side of the building, tougher to get to.

    After they moved from El Sob it was all down hill. The size of the buffet was vastly smaller and the quality slid too.

    We will not be returning.


    1. Wait Biggles ...

      The restuarant you are talking about is GONE and replaced by The Villa. Different owner. Did your friend try the new place ... since they mention the door change ... which is kind of a pain.

      1. Hey,

        I didn't know the new name. All I know is Sam's is gone.

        I talked to my co-worker and they just put their head in the door, didn't stay. They weren't interested. The old door was nice, made sense. Park, walk in. Now you have to park and hunt around to the other side of the building? Eh?