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Potato Pizza

The Chowhound was on Open Source and mentioned potato pizza. I would LOVE to find a recipe for that since the dominant pizza is that St. Louis cracker crust.

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  1. Can you clarify? Are you looking for a potato bread crust or a recular crust pizza which incorporates potatoes in the toppings?

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      Potato Pizza huh. I've had Baked Potato Pizza which is basically baked potato spread acting as cheese (with Goat cheese, tomatoes, and green onions (+ Bacon if you wish)). I would really suggest it - Pizza Luce has it.

    2. I'm not sure if this is what you're talking avbout, but here's what I make sometimes...

      mix minced garlic with olive oil, and a little salt & pepper.
      slice potatoes like discs and coat with oil mixture. Spread onto greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees F about 30-40 minutes, remove from oven & top with chopped green onions, and veggies of choice or crumbled bacon (both optional) & cheese (I prefer cheddar). Return to oven & bake until done.

      1. Sounds yummy! Thanx for sharing PAMD!

        1. Many years ago, in Rome, I had a slice of pizza rustica that was covered in thinly sliced potatoes. Is that the sort of pizza you're talking about? Not sure if you'd bake the potatoes most of the way first, so that they don't make the crust soggy, and then add them the way you would any other topping? That is, right before you bake the whole thing? I vaguely recall a hint of rosemary, but i may be making that up. Not even sure if there was any cheese involved, maybe just a thin layer of olive oil between the potatoes and the crust. Starch with more starch, but YUM! Anyway, i realize this isn't a recipe, just a sort of vague guideline... Let us know if you find an actual recipe!

          1. In Rome I had a potato and rosemary pizza. They called it "St Patricks" pizza.

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              Aka the descriptive "alle patate." Standard topping in Roman pizza rustica places.

              The usual routine in Rome is to use a mandoline to slice raw potatoes (waxy rather than mealy type) thin enough (mabye 1/16" inch? less than 1/8" for sure) that they don't need to be precooked. Rosemary, olive oil, salt, maybe a little garlic, that's it.

            2. Please explain this one, potato toppings or potato spread as a base, which. I have had both, don't like both and why starch on starch. It is odd but not totally against it, just not a fan, but would love to know what you are looking for

              1. I fell in love with potato pizza when I was living in Italy. It was one of my favorite things to grab to eat when I out and about and hungry. I make them often at home as described above using very thinly sliced potatoes, rosemary, olive oil and sea salt. I use Alice Water's recipe for pizza dough.

                Sometimes we'll also make a pizza with potato, carmelized onion, gruyere and pancetta. Not a traditional version but still tasty.

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                  Interesting, never like it but never had it done with just the rosemary and sea salt. Too much starch. But willing to try again with a good recipe. The carmelized onion and gruyere would be great.