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Jul 11, 2006 03:03 PM

Personal blog links allowed?

Are posters allowed to post personal blog links in responses? I personally don't like seeing them, but should a link inclusion be reported or not? Just curious about the policy and what responders should do.

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  1. I've discovered some top notch food blogs through those links so I would just let it be.

    If you don't like them, just don't click them.

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    1. re: CornflakeGirl

      I ignore them, and have for a long time, but as you might expect there are some abusers who seem to post only as a means to advertise their blog. Very annoying.

    2. Since I know that you have singled me out in the past to be one of the biggest offenders... I feel compelled to respond to this post.

      It boggles my mind that this bothers you so much that you flag people's posts. As long as the reply is a genuine opinion, is entirely on topic, and answers the person's question- who cares if they link to their food blog- AS LONG AS IT PERTAINS TO THE TOPIC AT HAND (i.e. food).

      If anything, a link to a food blog, makes the post more helpful because it will help you figure out exaxctly what type of eater the poster is, and whether or not their opinion is valid for you. And if seeing a link to a personal blog makes you question the person's motivation in posting- then that information is helpful as well. You can personally ignore those posts... but to have them deleted hurts people who do enjoy using Chowhound as a place to discover new sources of information about food (like the poster above).

      I agree with you that all posts that are off topic should be deleted. And posts that link to non food realted sites should be deleted as well. But there is no reason that people shouldn't be allowed to place links to their food blogs on every single one of their postings. If you read my blog, and think it's total BS, then you know not to pay attention to any of my posts. And the link to my blog on every post I make will stick out to you- so it becomes easier to ignore me!

      This is a community that relies on people being willing to post constantly about a topic that they care deeply about. It happens to be that those same type of people, also take time to make their own blogs. If you start deleting posts because people link to their own food blogs (that are relevant to the topic), it will discourage alot of people from posting who contribute a tremendous amount to this community.

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      1. re: zGustibus

        Uhhh...I haven't singled you out; I wasn't even referring to you. Are you sure I'm the one you are talking about? <baffled>

        That said, I guess I'm not the only one who finds blog links a little distracting.

      2. On Sunday morning, I posted a question about Mr. Chow Tribeca and somebody replied to my post, criticizing me for always linking to my food blog. We discussed the subject back and forth until the whole thread was deleted. I could have sworn it was your username... I had suggested we move the thread to this board. Sorry if that wasn't you! I really thought it was...

        1. The post below descibes our policy on any offsite link, including links to blogs:

          1. I can understand people's concerns about someone who over-hypes their blog. Unfortunately, there is a very, very, very thin line between hype and information.

            Most of my posts are reviews of restaurants in Phoenix. Along with those reviews go a lot of photos. In some instances, I have had up to 20 photos of a multi-course meal I shared with other people in one review. I always end my reviews with a link to my site because it is cumbersome to hyperlink every single photo on CH when the photos are on my blog. One click is much more user friendly than 20. I will throw in a couple of links for those that don't want, for whatever reason, to visit my blog so they can at least get an idea of the cuisine I am reviewing.

            On the old boards, I always included the one photo allowed along with the link to my blog. Nonetheless, one photo of a serving of Chicken Tikka isn't going to do justice to a review about a multi-dished experience as my local Indian curry house.

            I won't lie and say I don't like the traffic to my blog. I most certainly do. However, I believe adding my food blog URL is entirely appropriate when I have numerous photos accompanying the review.

            Telling people to just Google "Seth Chadwick" and "Phoenix" and then they are on their own probably isn't going to serve any helpful purpose.