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Jul 11, 2006 02:55 PM

Roast Pork in Manhattan

Any ideas where to get good Chinese roast pork in Manhattan?

I used to love Ho Yip down by the Trade Center, but they closed (they say they're moving to new digs). I'm not too fond of Sammy's.

Any recommendations?

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  1. If you are confined to Midtown... Hing Won is a pretty good option:

    Hing Won on

    1. Momofuku does a good roast pork sandwich. Costly, but yum!

      1. I've given NY Noodletown some crap over the last few years regarding their roasted meats. I love the place for a lot of their dishes, but the meats never quite seemed to live up to what people touted them to be.

        This past weekend I paid Noodletown a visit, with my intent being to order the shrimp dumplings in soup. For some reason, I pulled up and took a shot at the roast duck and pork over rice instead. It was incredibly good. The pork was sweet, salty, and -- above-all -- porky, while the duck was meaty, fatty, crispy, and (what the hell, I'll say it) ducky.

        At a piddly $4.25, I would have ordered another plate if I'd had the time.

        1. For roast pork, I think Big Wong's are better then NY Noodletown. And for crispy/baby pig, I'd take Yummy Noodles up next block.

          1. Agree with bokkyo. Hubby has been a fan of Big Wong's ever since he moved to NYC 20 some years ago. He isn't crazy about eating pork but this is one pork dish he can never get enough of. Over all these years he had tried roast pork at many places and he still likes it the best at Big Wong's. Everytime he's in Chinatown he can't help but to get some. I am not so crazy about roast pork but have tasted many from hubby's plate and this is still one of the best in NYC if not the best.