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Jul 11, 2006 02:29 PM

[Aus] Good Vegetarian Meals at Non-Veg. Joints?

Many restaurants accommodate vegetarians well, these days, but I'm always looking for more places to take a crowd of Vegetarians and omnivores. I really like the "Sizzling Vegetables" at Ararat. The grilled vegetable kabobs at Artz Ribs might be the best veg. meal in Austin. Any others?

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  1. My wife likes the Veggie Plate at Shady Grove, alot.
    It contains eggplant, so I cannot eat it.
    The rest of the food is just sort of lackluster and fried.

    1. Sunflower, for Vietnamese vegetarian.

      1. If you are looking for Vietnamese and Chinese food, I would suggest Saigon Kitchen on 4323 S I H 35. At SK, you basically can get anything non-vegetarian as vegetarian. So neither group will miss out on the other's dishes. Their space is also ideal for large groups.

        Here's are a few vietnamese goodies that come in both vegetarian and non-veg.

        1. Vietnamese Hot and Sour Soup
        2. Curry
        3. Vermicelli Bowls
        4. Shrimp & Squid Stir Fried w/ Garlic and Salt----Tofu w/ garlic and salt
        5. Chicken w/ Ginger and Chili sauce----Tofu w/ ginger and chili sauce

        1. Aquarelle has an amazing vegetarian tasting menu.

          1. Eastside Cafe is pretty vegetarian friendly. We went there with a vegetarian and a carnivore and both were pretty happy with their meals.

            I had the vegetable plate at Vespaio and it was excellent.

            One vegetarian meal I really liked were the country fried portobello mushrooms at Freddie's. I didn't have high expectations for them, but I was really pleased with how tasty they were and well seasoned. I wouldn't eat them every day, but I thought they were quite nice.

            I also like the vegetarian options at Galaxy Cafe. I eat there often, and I think I have tried about half the menu. If you can eat fish, I recommend the fish wrap or fish sandwich. Both are good (wrap has a bit more kick in flavor) and I usually get it with the sweet potato fries. Personally, I think their salads are only okay, but their mozarella and tomato sandwich is pretty okay and I've known more than a couple people to make a meal out of the mac and cheese (excellent) and a bowl of soup (i'm partial to the tomato).

            One of my absolute favorites at Kerbey Lane is the tomato pie that is available this time of year, but only shows up seasonally.

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              I second that recommendation for Kerbey Lane, a favorite of some of my vegetarian friends, as well as for their tomato pie, a favorite of mine (an omnivore).