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Jul 11, 2006 02:23 PM

HEB "Heritage" Hotdogs ROCK

Have you folks tried these things? If you like hotdogs, you'll love them.

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  1. I haven't, but I'm surprised to hear that they're good. In my experience, HEB meats (packaged raw fajita meat, rotiserrie chickens) are tasty, but in that injected-with-artificial-garbage sort of way. I guess for a hot dog, though, that might be just the ticket. Do they have casings or are they skinless?


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    1. re: Brian Lindauer


      Have you tried the hot dogs from Whole Foods? They're delicious, and not in that injected-with-artificial-garbage way. Last month I bought a dozen of them along with some bratwurst, etc., for a cook-out. In fact, I got bratwurst because the adults thought they wouldn't like the hot dogs. But guess what went first. The jumbo all-beef hot dogs were juicy and flavorful, like a good German sausage, and I believe they had casings.


      1. re: MPH

        I haven't tried the Whole Foods dogs because I assumed, it being Whole Foods, that they were nitrate free. And I've never had a nitrate free dog that I liked. But I'll definitely give them a shot. Thanks for the recommendation.


        1. re: MPH

          I second the recommendation for the Whole Food hot dogs. They're big and tasty. At first, the Plano location was the only one that had them but now I've seen them at the Forest Lane location also.