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Jul 11, 2006 02:21 PM

Looking for a perfect mid-fancy restaurant in Boston

I have friends visiting from North Carolina and I want to bring them to a restaurant in the middle of the City *Newbury/Back Bay area etc. Looking for good food,fun part of the city, cool atmosphere...but without snobbery (my friend has an aversion to wearing formal clothes, khakis and polo is the best he will do.)
Any sugestions?

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  1. I think you can go almost anywhere in this city without being formally dressed. While Newbury St. is great for a lot of things, for dining I think it's quite lacking. If you want to venture over to the South End (which is very close to Back Bay) you will find a great many fun spots to dine. Some of my favorites are B&G Oysters, Hamersley's, Metropolis Cafe and Stella.

    1. What tyoe of price range/person? Any particular type of cuisine?

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        I am not very particular about the type...but I prefer French/Italian/American. As for the range 25-30/entree?
        (As you can see, I am not typically the one that picks the resturants)

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          I think the B&G rec is a good one. Mostly focused on seafood, which unless they are from Coastal Carolina they might not have as much access to. Maybe do a charcuterie plate at the Butcher Shop beforehand (across the street) for an appetizer. Some people here seem to think the service at B&G is sort of snotty but I've never had that problem on my few visits.

          Aquitaine might also be a good idea, French bistro menu. I've only been for brunch and apps/drinks at the bar but I like the place and the menu.

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            I agree about B & G as well, I found the service really helpful, love the food and tuts requested a fun party of the city and a "cool atmosphere". Stella fits that bill as well, I have only been there once but loved the prosciutto/melon salad and a quattro funghi pizza - nice apps at the bar. The bartender was super nice, the dudes around us seemed to give us the once over, but whatever, they seemed cool.

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              I'd have to second Aquitane. I love their dinner menu.

        2. What about Icarus for their $28 prix fixe menu---lasts all of July.

          Last year I went and saw people in shorts, which I think is totally inappropriate for that restaurant, but khakis and a polo are fine.

          1. If you want to stay on Newbury street, I recommend Stephanie's on Newbury. Not fancy, but a good spot with solid food. It's particularly fun if you can snag a seat outside and watch all the beautiful people go by.

            1. I think the south end suggestions are good and would add Union. Depending on how many friends you have, B&G could be a hassle (very small). But I still have a soft spot for Sonsie on Newbury St. The food and service have been great all but one so-so time. Eastern Standard in Kenmore Sq. would be fun too.