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Jul 11, 2006 02:04 PM

The Farm, Ditmas Park

Does anyone know if The Farm has opened in Ditmas Park? If so, does anyone have a phone number? Thanks!

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  1. something called "the farm" appears to be open or opening in the bar space formerly occupied by St. Marks Bistro/Babinga?
    Is this the same or a different project?

    1. That must be different. This one is on Cortelyou Rd. It's not open yet. I hear it is supposed to open on Thursday.

      1. The one that's in the space next to the old Bistro St. Marks is either Brookyln Farm or Flatbush Farm (or something like that).

        1. So this place opened last night -- did any chowhounds go?

          1. Went tonight. It was really excellent—a real grownup restaurant. It seems to be kind of local-produce inspired. The best thing was a delicious cold asparagus soup with a poached egg that really tasted like essence of the freshest asparagus. A chicken dish w/quinoa was tender inside with a seared, crunchy outside and very nicely, but subtly, spiced. The artichoke ravioli w/meyer lemon, cherry tomatoes, and almonds sounded fascinating and had a great flavor, but the pasta was kind of heavy.

            Even the kids-menu food was good. Some egg noodles came w/sweet perfecly cooked fresh peas.

            Service was nice, but our waitress seemed a little dazed. She forgot a salad, which sounded so good, I'm still annoyed I didn't get it: bib lettuce, sweet peas and buttermilk dressing. Also, it is a pretty place w/a nice garden (nice if it isn't 100 degrees...)