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Jul 11, 2006 01:31 PM

I Want To Wow My 14 Year Old Niece!

I am fortunate to have a great relationship with my nearly 14 year old niece. She is almost certainly visiting my husband and I next weekend for a few days and most likely, one of those days will be spent doing something uniquely NYish (Broaday, MOMA, Soho shopping perhaps, haven't quite got that part figured out - it's all up to her whims - we'd like to try and cater to what her interests are).

We'd love to take her someplace for lunch which will open up her eyes and palate, but isn't so far out there that she might be unsure about ordering or wind up not eating what she ordered.

She pretty much eats anything, that much I know and I know she is very big on seafood. I don't think she is up to fussy complicated dishes yet since she comes from an area where that kind of food is few and far between (let alone her parents wouldn't ever spend the money to introduce her to this kind of dining anyway).

I'm trying to come up with someplace with a modern vibe, interesting decor since she's from a small suburb down at the shore in NJ. You know, give her an experience she can take away with her and rave about to her friends. Someplace with killer eye-catching deserts would be a huge plus - that much is certain.

Again, nothing overly fussy or fancy - none of us are going to be dressed up. Suggestions can be made all over the city from upper east/west side to downtown, since we don't know what we're doing yet. We may even plan our day around the meal, who knows?


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  1. If you are going to be in SoHo, why not try Balthazar? It looks like the lunch menu can accomodate slighly pickier palates, but is still a New York-ish place.
    Also, I would suggest Blue Ribbon Bakery in the West Village. Good food, and nice neighborhood to walk around in after.
    lucky niece!

    1. Balthazar is a nice choice - especially since we've never been there and I've always wanted to try it. And I like the idea of Blue Ribbon, since the Village is one of the places I thought she'd enjoy browsing through.

      Thanks for that recs!


      1. You might want to check out Mary's Fish Camp if you're looking for seafood.

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        1. re: subinai

          Wow, she'd love that, so would I. I looked up their website, it's a seafood wonderland! But only if my landlubber husband isn't with us. There isn't one single item he would eat - alas, he eats no seafood at all.


        2. It's not seafood, but she might like Serendipity. It's touristy, but she's a tourist, and the deserts are teenage heaven. I think they have a website if you google it.

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          1. re: LloydG

            Unfortunately, I think she'd have to pay ME to go into Serendipity. What a nightmare - I'm getting a migraine just thinking about the noise level!


            1. re: sivyaleah

              In that case, then, bring your earplugs when you go to Balthazar.

              1. re: RCC

                Kids on a sugar rush noise, that's the problem!


          2. Serendipity is fun, but I don't think it's the right place for this dining adventure--the food, other than desserts, isn't exactly what I would call "eye-opening". It would be good for desserts after a long day of shopping, though! (near bloomies).

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            1. re: jessica

              How about some of the mod thai places? Highline, Prem en Thai, Klong or Planetthailand212?? None of these is very pricey.

              1. re: xavier

                I'm not familiar with any of those, could you tell me a bit about them? My husband and I are big on thai food, don't know about her but I could find out and it would be good to know anyway, since we're always on the look out for new thai to try.


                1. re: sivyaleah

                  They're all fairly stylish, but modestly-priced places. A fair amount of energy but without much of a "scene" (except, perhaps, Highline in the Meatpacking District)

                  Prem en Thai is almost in Soho, on Houston between Sullivan and Thompson; Planetthailand212 is a branch of a highly-regarded Williamsburg, Brooklyn place that opened recently on 24th(????) between 6th Ave and Broadway. Klong in on St. Marks Place. I'd take a hip-aspring 14 year old to any of them. All would also have plenty of seafood on the menu.