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Jul 11, 2006 12:43 PM

NY hound looking for group dinner suggestions

Hi All,
I will be visiting Montreal soon, and I am hosting two dinners for friends. Both groups are around 6-8 people. Since these are celebratory dinners, price isn't an issue. Where can we get the best food and an atmosphere where we can hear each other?


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  1. How about places with private rooms? One is Christophe ( (French, BYO)

    1. if you are looking for a younger crowd that likes to party, the globe is your choice. food is pretty good as well.

      1. Restaurant Le Club Chasse et PĂȘche
        423, St-Claude
        Excellent food, clubby atmosphere

        3807 St. André
        Reservations: 514.523.3885 or
        Fixed price menu, exceptional value for the quality
        Great service, friendly and relaxed vibe

        La Chronique
        99 Laurier W.
        514 271-3095
        One of Montreal's best tables

        1. Don't forget Anise (104 Laurier West, 514 276-6999). Zen-like decor both modern and antique; unobtrusive, highly attentive service; exquisite, spice-infused and gorgeously presented dishes with roots in contemporary France and the Middle East; smartly chosen wine list. It all adds up to a dining experience that's unique in Montreal and probably the world. Plus the restaurant is on three levels -- a more spacious first floor and two intimate upper floors both open to the space -- so your party can be both part of and separate from the action (such as it is).