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Jul 11, 2006 12:32 PM

downtown springfield, IL

I'll be taking the train to springfield, IL, and staying downtown near the Capitol without a car, though I don't mind walking quite a ways, as long as it's safe, trafficwise and securitywise. I'll be there midweek, not weekend. What can you recommend in the way of good food at reasonable prices? I like ethnic food, especially Latin American, Asian other than Japanese, Caribbean, Mideastern, and German/eastern European. I also like a good steakhouse or nouvelle restaurant if it isn't too expensive--especially one where maybe I can get a good buy at lunch. I also like a good bakery. I think my hotel has continental breakfast but in case that stinks, I'd like a breakfast tip too. Also, if there is a restaurant (including in hotel) that is historically or architecturally worth seeing, I'd be interested; if it's too expensive, I can just have a drink.

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  1. I've only been to Springfield a few times, but some places that I like are:

    1. Cafe Brio, Mexican, 524 E Monroe
    2. Gallina Pizza, 432 E Monroe
    3. Maldaners, 222 s Sixth st.
    4. D'Arcy's Pint -- not downtown, but an excellent Irish bar that serves good food.

    You may want to post this request on the midwest board, since Springfield is not quite in the Chicago area. Downstate Illinois is usually discussed there. Also, type "springfield" into the search engine for the midwest page and you'll get a bunch of links to previous discussions (just be careful to read the Springfield, IL not Springfield, MO links).

    1. For excellant seafood, the Cheasapeake on the north side of town recommended by locals. Tried it 2 weeks ago, very good.

      1. You might also try posting this to the Midwest section - as you know Springfield is not close to Chicago -