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Jul 11, 2006 12:31 PM

Late summer foodsplosion - suggestions?

Hey all,

I'll be returning to the Bay Area in early August after a whole summer stuck in Australia (where it is winter), and will have a week and a half off before full time school starts again.

Any suggestions as to how to make the most of the last of summer?

I'm already planning to go strawberry picking at Swanton Berry farm and going for tomato day at my CSA.

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  1. The Crane Melon barn might be open. Melanie gave this heads up last year

    In the link below to a Sunset Magazine article it says that some people even plan their vacations from the East Coast around Crane melon season.

    I hope this year people will report back when they are open. I called weekly after Melanie's report and they never re-opened. I'd really like to go this year.

    I hope you will post on the Australia boards about your food experiences in Australia ... good or bad. It would be such a help to traveling hounds since you are there for an extended time.