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Jul 11, 2006 12:05 PM

Help me quit Freshdirect

Last night for the third time I had to cancel an evening order because they hadn't shown up by 11:30. It may be because I live near the Queensborough bridge and I'm their last stop, but I'm finding them increasingly unreliable and frustrating. Plus their produce quality has deteriorated and their prices have risen.

However, I'm addicted to the convenience and there is a poor selection of food stores near me - 57th and 2nd. My boyfriend and I recently got a car and can drive anywhere that has easy parking. I was wondering about the Harlem Fairway - I haven't been there in years and I was curious about the quality and ease of parking. Also, are there other great, convenient food stores we could drive to and park at easily?


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  1. I shop at the Harlem Fairway on a weekly basis. I don't drive there, but it's extremely rare for their parking lot to be full. (Their parking lot has shifted due to construction, but it's still adjacent to the store.) Once you learn the store's layout, if you avoid peak times, it's a reasonably pleasant experience. High volume means high turnover, so the perishables are generally of good quality. Their prepared foods are lackluster, but still very affordable. Not as convenient as FreshDirect, but if you're not pressed for time, I recommend it.

    1. I've only been there a few times, including during peak Saturday afternoon shopping times, when parking was easy and close. I was very impressed by the variety, quality, and even the prices.

      1. in case ya didn't know, there's a newish Fairway in the OB, (in Brooklyn, iirc). I can't comment as I've never been, but there was plenty of posts about the store on the OB Board.

        Back when I had access to a car and lived on the UES, we used to shoot over the GWB to a huuuuge ShopRite in Jersey. Inconvient I know, but I do so love huge 'burb supermarkets and the prices were substantially less than my local stores.

        Ditto your sentiments on Fresh Distress. I just see where they've raised prices on some meat cuts by another few $$$/lb. oyyyy

        good luck

        1. Fairway Brooklyn is a good option. Opinions vary, but too me it is a Fairway.

          The other option is to drive up too Stew Leonards in Yonkers. A great place to go especially if you have a Costco card. The drive on a Saturday / Sunday morning should take no longer than 20 minutes.

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            I adore Stew Leonards. Not too far for me but it seems like a day trip for the person posting. The Harlem Fairway is a trek in itself even with a car.

            1. re: Uptownflavor

              I live in Battery Park and split my shopping between Brooklyn and the Costco/Stew Leonards. Saturday / Sunday morning is a 20 - 30 minute trip for me. Very Easy.

              1. re: ChrisZ

                Well, I am farther uptown and it is basically a straight shot and I would say that it take ME that long in a car so not too sure about your time guesstimation... but if you say you can make to Yonkers in 20 minutes, great! Like I said, it is an good day trip and I adore that store but it isn't a regular shopping trip for me when the Harlem Fairway is much closer.

            2. re: ChrisZ

              Do you need a costco card to shop at the Stew Leonard???

              1. re: coffee1004

                No, they are two separate companies and in two different locations. Stew's has a website. Do a google search to get the address.

            3. Considering your location and your car, you might want to consider the Costco in Queens, just north of Long Island City. It's fairly close to you, though getting there will take longer than coming home because of the exit/entrance design of the QB Bridge. But there is ample parking. They have very good produce at very good prices. We did a cost comparison with a local Fairway and it wasn't even close. In fact, we've tried other markets and keep bouncing back to Costco for price and quality. We've been noshing on delicious blueberries, cherries, and grapes for a couple of weeks now...