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Jul 11, 2006 08:42 AM

Pastrami Chowdown - Part Two - M & L Market

On Monday, five 'hounds continued the Pastrami Quest at M & L Market (691-14th Street)...May is at the register while Judy keeps the sandwich line moving swiftly. This pastrami, hot and well-marbled with fat, makes a moist bite every time. The price is right at $5.25 ($5.75 for the combo turkey & pastrami) - the sandwich of choice comes with an almond cookie!
M&L Market, also known as May's is a gem of a place...gotta love it. Hours: 11:30am-4pm
-Many thanks to Derek for his post-lunch hospitality with Carnegie Delicatessen's Pastrami from Costco...and the real brown mustard from NY's Carnegie Deli, too! This was a taste-off challenge.

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  1. is it takeout only?

    and how did the Carnegie-Costco compare?

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    1. re: Windy

      Three 4-top tables line the wall of the 'hounds who lives in the 'hood and always does Take-Out never noticed the tables until yesterday. M&L's pastrami is pre-sliced and warmed in the steamer - not cut to order from a hot piece of meat - but, still tasty.
      The Carnegie-Costco was well-seasoned, pre-sliced and packaged for microwaving. We agreed that it was more NY than M&L.

    2. You can eat right there at M & L.

      1. This was fun...the M&L Pastrami was fattier than the Carnegie Pastrami, so it had a nicer mouth feel....the spicing on the Carnegie Pastrami (which was quite moist, just not fatty "enough")! had more intense and "authentic" New York spicing......I think I'll make a couple of sandwiches out of the C.D. pastrami and shlep them down to the Ferry Building for our next comparison with Golden Gates' pastrami...stay tuned.....!

        1. Pastrami was good, but the bread and condiments were very avarage. Thanks Derek for your hospitality (and much better bread)!