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Jul 11, 2006 05:50 AM


Il cono, al gelato, gelato italiano?

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  1. Il Cono.
    Strawberry, chocolate, lychee, all the fruit flavors.

    Al Gelato makes the best coconut.

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    1. re: jcwla

      The pistachio gelato at Il Cono is astonishingly good. And the grapefruit sorbet is fantastic too.

    2. Tutti Gelati in Pasadena:
      Mascarpone, Baci or Pistachio

      1. I haven't sampled at the other places you mentioned, but Gelato Italiano's Hazelnut was out of this world! Their coconut rendition was also pretty good. Mmmm.. need to go there again.

          1. re: luswei

            i have to second pazzo gelato. just went tonight. all organic milk and fresh fruit from the farmer's market. not too sweet. my scooper pulled a santa rosa plum and chocolate martini combo on a cone for me. unbelieveable! the tartness and the acidity of the plum really offset the richness of the chocolate.

            10:25pm on wednesday and a line out the door. great parking in the back!

            1. re: revets2

              pazzo gelato comes up with such great flavors -- limoncello w/basil, apricot ginger, dul leche w/lavender, keho grape, mulberry, santa rosa plum as noted above. i just tried french melon which was combination of cantalope and honey dew. ah...

          2. My only reference point is places in LA (never been to Italy) but I'd have to put Boule up there with these other places. Less traditional but always mind blowing.