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Il cono, al gelato, gelato italiano?

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  1. Il Cono.
    Strawberry, chocolate, lychee, all the fruit flavors.

    Al Gelato makes the best coconut.

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      The pistachio gelato at Il Cono is astonishingly good. And the grapefruit sorbet is fantastic too.

    2. Tutti Gelati in Pasadena:
      Mascarpone, Baci or Pistachio

      1. I haven't sampled at the other places you mentioned, but Gelato Italiano's Hazelnut was out of this world! Their coconut rendition was also pretty good. Mmmm.. need to go there again.

          1. re: luswei

            i have to second pazzo gelato. just went tonight. all organic milk and fresh fruit from the farmer's market. not too sweet. my scooper pulled a santa rosa plum and chocolate martini combo on a cone for me. unbelieveable! the tartness and the acidity of the plum really offset the richness of the chocolate.

            10:25pm on wednesday and a line out the door. great parking in the back!

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              pazzo gelato comes up with such great flavors -- limoncello w/basil, apricot ginger, dul leche w/lavender, keho grape, mulberry, santa rosa plum as noted above. i just tried french melon which was combination of cantalope and honey dew. ah...

          2. My only reference point is places in LA (never been to Italy) but I'd have to put Boule up there with these other places. Less traditional but always mind blowing.

            1. I dunno, I've been to Il Cono twice & both times I thought it bland (had hazelnut the first time, dulche de leche & the straciatella the second). Took my mom & sister with me & they felt the same way (my 82-year old Italian mom said, "maybe it's my taste buds??" - but nope, I agreed with her). Bland. To be fair, I have not tried the sorbet - so, I may give that a try yet, since I live nearby.

              I like the gelato at the WLA Whole Foods. Had the chocolate with some raspberries (at home)...divine.

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                If you like yogurt, you should try the Baby Yogurt. They told me they import it from Italy (I'm not sure in what form)

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                  Wait- Yogurt gelato??? Where?!?! That's all I ate in Italy and France...would love to get my hands on some.

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                    I have had the yogurt gelato at Tutti Gelati in Pasadena and I thought it was really tasty. I've never been to Italy, but it definitely reminds me of the yogurt I ate for every single breakfast the week I was in Paris

              2. I love the watermelon sorbet at Coldstone's

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                    Il Cono Gelateria
                    9461 Little Santa Monica Blvd.
                    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
                    (310) 285-2045

                  2. Still voting for the gelati at Monte Carlo/Pinocchio's in burbank.

                    1. i really love the gelato made by viktor bene's thats available at gelsons (only CENTURY CITY location), the grapefruit and strawberry are both SENSATIONAL! all of the gelatos are homemade and amazing! even though its in gelsons and all, i still think its got the best gelato! much better than the others ive tasted around town!

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                        You've got excellent taste, love2chow. The gelato there, still a well-kept secret, is the closest thing you'll ever get to being in Italy. Puts Il Cono to shame!

                      2. Could you tell me more about the Monte Carlo gelato, please? Do they sell pints to go in the freezer, or do they scoop gelato, or what? Thanks!

                        1. Hi,
                          I am no expert on gelato, but I enjoyed my recent experience at Scoops, on Heliotrope off Melrose, next to the Bicycle Kitchen (for those DIY-bike enthusiasts you can work on your bike first then reward yourself with some cool treats) and a cafe with, I believe, Tunisia in the name. To be honest, I *think* I had ice cream there, not gelato. Or perhaps it was a hybrid? It seemed a bit more icy than I think of gelato usually, and yet denser than ice cream. In any case, it was delicious. Usually I steer away from things with "chai" in the title, but I had the chai/z___? flavor and it was pleasantly surprising: a hint of cinnamon, a sort of carmel taste... Again, I am no expert. The owner and his son helped me and were both friendly.

                          There was a recent discussion of it here:

                          1. i was at the block in orange a few days ago - saw a gelato place called melt - if i didn't just inhale a caramel apple from rocky mtn candy i would've tried the gelato at melt - i was told they have several locations ( is it a franchise ? ) - when i visit the block again, is this place worth a try ?

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                              Worth a try? Sure. But Melt is ok at best. It's a franchise, so the bar isn't set too high, quality wise.

                              For OC, your best bet is Gelato Paradiso in Fashion Island and Corona Del Mar.

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                                Professor Salt has it right on. We bring all our friends missing some authentic gelato here.....it's the same chain JacyFarrow mentions below off Hollywood.

                            2. I second Monte Carlo in Burbank.

                              They scoop gelato and can pack it in pints to go as well. They also offer a neat 5 mini-scoop sampler.

                              I'm no gelato expert either, but their pistachio is the closest to the pistachio I had in Italy. And their chocolate is wonderful.

                              And you can buy Italian groceries at the same time.

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                                I'll go along with those who suggested Monte Carlo. I tried their pistachio yesterday for the first time and it was incredible. The chocolate is very good as is the chocolate chip, but the pistachio is simply amazing.

                              2. Has anyone tried the new gelato place on Tujunga in Studio City?

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                                  I have, they have been open now for over a week. See my post/report:


                                2. There is a place in Sherman Oaks, on Ventura Boulevard called Aromi Cafe. I haven't been there for a while, but their gelato is awesome. Try the banana!

                                  It's near Ventura Boulevard and Van Nuys Boulevard. It's right across the driveway from the Hollywood Video.

                                    1. i like tutti gelati in pasadena. they have hazelnut!!! also, their frozen yogurt is delightful.

                                      1. saw a store front on hillhurst across the street from alcove saying los feliz gelato shop coming soon. can't wait!

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                                        1. thanks for the jonathan gold article above.

                                          it inspired my friend and i to try BULGARINI in the court of the pacific asia museum pasadena. the article is right on.

                                          they were closing early b/c the museum was setting up a wedding, but caught elizabeth and her husband, leo as they were packing up. they were gracious enough to unpack a few things and grab us a cup.

                                          we had the bacio with the pistacchio gelati. this is the real thing! elizabeth did most of the talking. she gets their hazlenuts from oregon and their pistachios from piemonte. they went back to study with the gelati greats which is difficult because they say many of the gelati offered is made from flavor tins not fresh fruit.

                                          the gelati has an incredibly smooth texture. this is not the stiff american gelato. not too sweet. tastes like what they say it is. this may be the best since i've come back from italy a couple of months ago.

                                          they are looking for retail space and want recommendations.

                                          give them a try!

                                          1. i've got to agree with some of the above chowhounds about IL CONO. not so great.

                                            my impression is that most of their gelato is made from flavor tins or "italian flavoring" as they call it. they using a pretty good brand called PreGel(http://www.pregel.it/eng/home.asp), which is a semi-finished paste. so it's not really made from scratch, but it enables them to say everything is made on the premises.

                                            bulgarini in pasadena. it's the best.

                                            1. My vote is for Gelato Paradiso on Hollywood Blvd across from the Chinese Theatre. They've made a waffle cone for me from scratch, and are generous with the taste testing. I love getting half sweet cream and half of something else--the fruit ones are lovely, and so are the chocolate ones, too.

                                              1. I am a big fan of Al Gelato . . .the whipcream machine, everything is very consistient. In addition, the food is terrific. Plus, check out the monster apple pie.

                                                1. VIKTOR BENES BAKERY! I cannot agree more with those of you who posted about the gelato at Viktor Benes inside Gelson's It is not well-known yet because it's a new product for them and they only have it in 2 of their locations so far: Century City and Calabasas (so they told me). I live near Century City and go to Gelson's all the time now for gelato- I'm originally from Italy and have not found a gelateria that even compares until now. FINALLY! Plus, the girl who manages the gelato in the Century City location is a sweetheart and rather nice to look at ...sorry, I had to throw that in :). But, seriously, best gelato I've had in L.A. hands-down.

                                                  1. Gelato Bar at 43421/2 Tujunga in Studio City is excellent and open from about 8AM till 9 PM.

                                                    Someone told me they get their gelato from Victor Bene's in Burbank-which is also available at Gelson's Century City.

                                                      1. i love the victor bene's gelato that they serve at century city, out of this world...want to try pazzo for sure though.

                                                        1. Where else can one get Victor Bene's Gelato? I understand the main factory is now in Burbank, but I could not find their web site? Do they sell packaged gelato in Burbank?

                                                          1. Pazzo Gelato, hands down the best I've tasted. Better than most of the gelato I tasted in Italy. I think they use only fresh oganic ingredients.

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                                                              got to agree on pazzo here... and i was just in florence and rome... il crispino rules all! pazzo, a close third...

                                                            2. maybe it's already been said (too many posts to read!) but i like Gelato Paradiso. Started in Corona del Mar, but has since expanded to a Hollywood Blvd location a few doors down from El Capitan theater.