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Jul 11, 2006 05:01 AM

Paris--August Restaurant Closings

Virtually every restaurant that I am interested in may be closed in August. Does anyone know a reliable website to check precise closing dates of restaurants? (I am trying to avoid running up a huge phone bill calling many restaurants).

What percentage of restaurants will be closed in early August? Long ago on a previous trip I dont recall it being that bad, but it seems that more close now.

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  1. The Michelin website has information on some of the restaurants listed in their red guides. The site is a bit difficult to navigate. When you get into the site, select the "Michelin Guide" tab, type in Paris, France, then select “search criteria” and it will let you select their star restaurants as well as their “bib gourmand” listing. After selecting one or the other, scroll down and it will give you a list of restaurants with description and info. Hope you find some that are open in August.