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Jul 11, 2006 03:07 AM

Indian condiment

In most of the indian places I have been there is a condiment that they serve with the papadomes that is a mixture of tomatos, onions and....???? I have tried to make it at home adding all types of spices, oils, vinigars, and herbs. But I can't seem to get it right. Any ideas would be helpful

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  1. I know that as Kachumber, there are a variety of spellings of the name by the way and a number of different preparations but any way it is made is a very tasty tomato salad. I find it quite similar to Fattoush but without the toasted pita in it.

    1. It's probably paprika and/or cayenne (I like to blend the two myself). You make a paste with some lemon juice and then stir to coat your finely chopped onion and tomatoes. You may need to add a bit of sugar as well. The paprika I get at my local Indian market (Subzi Mandi) is far superior to what I get at the supermarket.

      1. If it is salad like in texture, then yes it is Kachumber in Hindi or Koshimbir in Marathi. I posted a recipe for it recently on another thread:

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          It seems to always be chopped a bit finer than a salad and I've never seen cucumber in it.

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            Cucumber would certainly be optional. I included it in the other post because it asked for a cool/refreshing summer side. Also, I guess my basis for 'chopped like a salad' is an Indian salad which is much finer than say a chopped Chef's salad. :D Sorry about that.

        2. For what it is worth, I've been looking for a similar raw onion chutney recipe. I haven't tried to make it yet, but here's what I've learned in my search:

          The simplest onion chutney recipes contain just onions, white vinegar (or lime juice) and red chili powder...

          Other spice combinations include paprika, cumin, corriander and cayenne. The only time I've seen oil in the recipe is if the spices and tomato paste (as a base) are cooked in oil. Some recipes are entirely uncooked and use a bit of ketchup as a base to the spices.

          Anyway, if you hit on something you like, please let us know!

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            I usually chop onion and seeded tomatos really fine. Add a bit of red vinagar, 4 bits of oil and some curry powder or some garam masala. Sometimes I'll add corriander and/or garlic, and some chili powder. I let it sit overnight. I'ts really not the same though. Maybe I should ask my local indian rest. I've given him enough bussiness he owes me something!!

          2. I left Texas six years ago, but at India Palace, my favorite north Dallas Indian restaurant, they served a condiment of onion slices and a few fresh jalapeno slices that were dressed with lemon juice and amchur powder (made from dried mango). The onions were slightly wilted and a made delightfully tart and crunchy contrast to their many buffet selections. Great stuff.