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Jul 11, 2006 02:55 AM

Italian Deli in Baltimore area

Can anyone recommend an Italian Deli? I am not looking for a pizza place or sub shop, but a true Italian Food Market or Deli. Thank you.

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  1. Not sure exactly what a place has to have to be a true Italian food market, but I think DiPasquales in Highlandtown at 3700 Gough Street fits the bill.

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    1. re: a70wilson

      Definitely try Dipasquales in Highlandtown or Mastellone's on Harford Road. I think its the same family who runs both.

    2. Trattoria Annamaria on Light Street in Federal Hill is good.

      Also Trinacria on Paca Street near Lexington Market.

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      1. re: orangecrush

        I love this place, but it is a little lacking compared Mastellone's or Dipasquales. The cold cuts can't be beat though.

      2. all of the above and:

        Bruschetta Deli and Wine
        2304 Boston St.
        Baltimore, MD

        1. Il Scalino
          313 S. High Street
          Baltimore, MD 21202
          Little Italy
          All the groceries are impoted from Italy. The sandwiches are out of this world. Also has a great selection of reasonably priced Italial wines and liquors.