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Jul 11, 2006 02:55 AM

What NEW condiment should I try ... or not?

This topic talks about the condiments people use the most.

Pretty much sriracha chili sauce, dijon mustard, Tabasco and salt and pepper lead the pack.

But what condiment do you love that is different?

Also, have you bought anything you regretted?

Recent topics about pommegranite molasses have made me a fan. I use this more than anything lately.

On the other hand the bottles of four kinds of piri-piri sauce have been in my fridge over a year. My s/o who likes hot sauce won't touch it either.

Then there was that regretable lavendar salt that I bought. It was fine, but there is only so much you can do with lavendar salt.

I'm contemplating a set of Brazilian oils and condiments. If I buy them I'll report back.

So what are your condiment hits and misses? I'm looking forward to trying something new.

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  1. rworange -- I like yuzu paste. It gives a Japanese citrus zest to salad dressings, marinades, and sandwich spreads. I am always looking for food-stuffs that offer a lot of flavor without a lot of calories. Additionally, you can mix yuzu paste with a multitude of ingredients: balsamic vinegar, hot sauce, orange or other citrus juices, yogurt.

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      On the tamer side, I also like Robert Lambert's White Grapefruit Syrup ( from Marin County, CA). This is a syrup -- I am reading from the label -- that is made from the peel and juice, and it is honey-like, but with a sharp citrus flavor. It can be used in teas (hot or cold), in sparkling water, on cheeses, with fruit or ice cream, on toast, in yogurt, in salad dressings, on rice, over fish or steamed veggies. I like its tang, and it can go sweet or savory.

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        Thank you for posting this web address. The site has the most luscious sounding products.

        Have you tried any of his other items? The Preserved Meyer Lemons sound wonderful.

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        I also crave Yuzu Chili Paste (officially "Yuzu Kosho" I think) which I was introduce to at a high end Sushi Restaurant where it is excellent on any white fish or grilled mushrooms. Unfortunately not all Sushi restaurants or Japanese markets carry it; but it is definitely worth the effort to seek out as its taste is "Uniquely Wonderful"!

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          JBC, quick note: Nijiya Market on Sawtelle carries several different kinds of "Yuzu Kosho." Most are in the $3-$5 range.

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          Where can I find yuzu "paste?" juice and powder is no problem any help would be appreciated, Thx!

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            where do you buy your yuzu paste?

          2. On a recent trip to Penzey's I picked up some "Szechuan Pepper-Salt Roasted" - this is good sprinkled on stuff such as cold roast chicken, but it is fairly salty. The package says, "The peppercorns are roasted and ground with flake salt to a fine powder." It's definitely tingly.

            1. 1. Indian hot lime pickle. There are a few Indian brands, and it is very tasty with Indian dishes or pappadom crackers, and I sometimes use it on the side with lentil soup, too.

              2. All sorts of chutneys/pickles. In the UK I've discovered the magic of cheese and pickle: sharp cheddar and brown vegetable pickle (Branston's is the popular brand), on a sandwich or with bread or crackers. Now I eat cheese with all sorts of spicy pickles and chutneys: tomato, apple, etc. Currently I'm plowing through a jar of delicious tomato/chilli jam that I found in a farmers' market.

              3. I love preserved lemons too. Started making my own and they're gorgeous in Claudia Roden's Moroccan lemon chicken, and I'm experimenting with them in other things too.

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                Along the lines of the chtneys- in the past year or two I have gone through numerous jars of that tamarind/date chutney used for making bhel puri. I have glazed a smoked duck with it, mixed it with mango and black beans for a delicious salsa, and just schmeared liberally it on papadum, among other things. It is versatile, wonderful stuff.

              2. I just bought some Korean Chili Paste. Not sure on the exact name, haven't even used it yet, but I'm hoping it is similar to the chili paste they give you with bibimbop. It has a different flavor then sriracha, more earthy imho, but I'm sure you could use it everywhere you'd use sriracha.

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                  gochujang or a huge fan too. you describe it is defintely earthy.

                2. Somewhere in the back of our refrigerator is a jar of olive jam that I bought at TJ's around a year ago. Man, that stuff was strange. Black olives in a sweet, jam-y consistency. I thought it must be an acquired taste but it seemed like too much work to acquire. Others must have agreed with me, because TJ's is no longer selling it.