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Jul 11, 2006 02:47 AM


Saw a commercial about this on TV. 10 bucks a day for 3 meals..supposedly you lose some weight (amoung other things they advertised....)?

Anyone try this ever?

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  1. Yeah, I gave it a shot. $10 a day seemed like a good deal. This is a case where you (don't) get what you (don't) pay for. I ended up giving the food away because most of it was truly awful and have now begun Jenny Craig. I signed up for the introductory plan - 20 pounds for $20 - and pay in the neighborhood of $100 for a week's worth of food and supplement it with fresh salads, veggies and fruit. The food is 10 times better and I've lost a bit over 3 pounds in 2 weeks, 1 week of which was on vacation. Feeling pretty positive about this one, now that I know the food is worth eating.

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      i jointed nutritsystem and have two months worth of food. some of it is just disgusting. the meatloaf is what? the risotto with mushrooms looks and almost takes like dog food.
      i quit after the second box arrived. wish i had started it with the first box in the first month and that would have been that. i don't believe marie osmond ate the food. it really is disgusting.

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        My mother in law suffered a heart attack after being on Nutra System for a couple months. Her blood sodium levels were almost toxic.

    2. A good friend of mine who is not a Chowhound or a foodie, but also isn't a picky eater got the Nutrisystem stuff and said it was god-awful...unedible.

      1. Most of the entrees that involve pasta and red sauce were edible. Everything else was pretty awful.

        1. I tried it for a few months. The food was for the most part awful, a couple of things were tolerable, but its pretty boring stuff. They only supply the entree for the most part, you have to supply fresh vegetables, fruit, dairy ect. so your actual cost for food is much higher than they lead you to believe.