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Jul 11, 2006 02:35 AM

I'm about to buy a range ...

It will be gas and either 30 or 36". What are hound favorites? Any thoughts about Bluestar and Wolf? Pros and cons of these and others? Help!

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  1. We put in a 36" RNB Bluestar with 6 burners. But we just moved back into our house and haven't had much opportunity to use it. I'd followed the Bluestar discussions on THS over at Gardenweb for years before deciding to buy one. It finally took a side trip on a vacation to Maine to see one in person, since there aren't any GA retailers that I know of. And I bought ours from Select Appliance in CA, as their price was $500-$700 less than my unresponsive, FL-based regional distributor.

    It's a mechanically-simple cooking machine- essentially the residential version of the Garland restaurant stove. I keep meaning to see if I can visit my local Wolf dealer to take some photos of an AG Wolf for comparison. Several people have said that the Bluestar isn't as well put together in terms of fit and finish. Now that I have my own Bluestar as a reference, I want to see what they're talking about. I suspect that the only valid complaint is about the drip tray, which is fairly thin and a bit rough on the ends that stick out over the top of the oven door. To me, that's minor.

    But hey, do your research and come to your own conclusions . I highly recommend wading through the popups over at THS ( to read the several-year history of Bluestar discussion. One caveat- there have been one or more trolls over there lately that seem intent on stirring things up without participating meaningfully.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: ted

      Have had the 36" 6 burner Bluestar rangetop since Easter or so, and love it, love it, love it.

      Make sure you have adequate ventilation if you go with the Bluestar. We ended up with 48" Rangemaster with exterior mounted 600cfm blower, which works fine. Also, make sure you order the heatshield which slips behind it. (Bluestar customer service told me, sure, you can make your own but we don't recommend it, it voids all warranties, and you'll probably burn down your house. Yeeps.)

      Let me know if you have specific questions.

      1. re: ted

        I know it's too late for you, but Guy Gunter Appliances in Atlanta carries Bluestar. I was refered to them by the Florida distributor, but that distributor is fairly new (six months or so?) so maybe the one you're talking about is the previous one.

        I too got hooked due to reading the Garden Web comments. I bought the top only, because I wanted an electric convection wall oven. Will be moving into the house soon, so finally will get to try the thing out.

        1. re: ted

          We have had a 36inch blue star since 2003.
          It cooks great, cleans great but has a major problem.
          When igniting the central burner other ignitors kept clicking (igniting) while the central burner was on.
          Blue Star sent us a replacement ignition module. We put this in and now all the burners on the left side of the stove cause the ignitors to keep working when one of the central or left burners is on. The right burners work fine. This is probably due to the fact they have a seperate ignition module. The replacement part looks like it is after market. That is they use one type during manufacture and another type for replacement.
          We love our stove a lot, but this problem is very frustrating and can only be resolved with all burners on.

        2. Oooo! Good question!

          I'm about to buy one too. Can't afford top of the line and I was thinking of the KitchenAid with the steam feature for my bread baking (electric oven w/ gas stovetop).

          Anyone got any experience with it?

          1. My friends researched for months and ended up with Gas DCS and they love it!

            I would be thrilled to get a Kenmore Profile 36" gas range..but we have electric and the cost to hook up gas here is high.

            1. We recently bought an all gas Wolf and so far I really like it. We were torn between the Wolf and the DCS but decided we didn't really want the extra burner in the middle of the DCS with the higher BTU. Also we got a $500 rebate on the Wolf. The simmer goes really low, although I am sure the DCS does as well. We didn't want a Bluestar because we live in a NYC apartment and frankly, those are just too powerful!

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              1. re: dimples

                Was the rebate from Wolf or from the retailer? I assume from Wolf, but I have not heard of such rebates lately.

                1. re: dimples

                  dimples, I think you're mistaken/exaggerating. Are the Bluestar's burners more powerful than the Wolf? Yes, sorta. A RNB Bluestar has 22k Btu burners (2 on a 30" or 36" range). The others are 15k Btu and a simmer (10-12k Btu max output). All of the Wolf's are 16k Btu, by comparison.

                  So, the difference between your Wolf and a Bluestar in your NYC apartment really isn't all that much. With a Bluestar, you just get a couple burners that can put out more, which is useful for stir fry or heavy-duty searing, etc.

                  I'm enjoying mine- hope you enjoy yours. Cheers!

                2. I'm about to buy a 48" all gas range either bluestar (my first choice) or wolf and am wondering about the external heat generated by the oven(s). I have two very small children and have read some comments about the kick plate and oven doors on the bluestar getting hot to the touch. Anyone with experience on this front with the wolf or the bluestar?