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Jul 11, 2006 02:17 AM

Southwest New Hampshire

Are there any houndworthy restaurants in the Monadnock Region of New Hampshire? I mean around Dublin, Jaffrey, Keene, Nashua and Peterborough - the Southwest corner of the state. My friends have told me it's pretty poor but I can't really believe it. Help me prove them wrong. All the best John Slater.

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  1. In Nashua:

    Michael Timothy's


    San Francisco Kitchen

    And yes in the other towns, but I haven't been there in a very long time so don't want to comment.

    Maybe not Boston type standards, but all pretty good for a lot less money.

    1. id take san francisco kitchen off the list, been about 5-6 times. Not good. Especially stay away from the hot and sour soup if you go! Its some strange red based soup with Zuchini in it! BAD!

      There is a good vietnamese noodle house aprox across the street from it though. Basically a hole in the wall but great Pho.

      Giant of Siam is decent thai food in down town nashua also.

      I will agree that Surf is good. I wouldnt say its a lot less money then Boston. Its priced all of what Skipjacks or Legals would be if not more.

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      1. re: hargau

        The "red based soup with Zuchini" (sic) in it is a Thai-style hot and sour soup, sometimes referred to as Tom Yum. It may not be the hot and sour soup you get at some (most?) Chinese restaurants, but it has its own adherents. That being said, the best (by all means!) "red based" hot and sour soup can be found on Rt. 3A in Hudson at a place called "Dynamite 1." It's a Japanese sushi restaurant with Korean and Thai dinner items for a good all-around Asian experience.

        I agree on the Vietnam Noodle House on Main Street in Nashua. Great soups, and terrific food. Be aware that the menu is divided in two, with the first half showing exclusively vegetarian food, and the second half with meat.

        Near Michael Timothy's, Surf, San Francisco Kitchen, and the Vietnam Noodle House, there's Manhattan on Pearl (on Pearl St) for martinis and Martha's Exchange for beer nearby for people looking for a good cocktail hour experience. All are in downtown Nashua.

        Nashua is a veritable delight for the Chowhound, with cuisine from nearly every ethnic group well represented. I was lucky enough to work there for ten years and managed to try just about every place around.

        As for the original poster, I think it is quite a stretch to consider Nashua in the Monadnock region...!

        1. re: lar3ry

          Im a big fan of tom yum soup and quite familiar with it. What they have at SF Kitchen is like none I have ever had anyplace. Nor did I find any of their food very good at all.

          I think its quite a stretch to call what they serve Tom Yum soup. Have you actually had this soup at SF Kitchen?

          Sorry I left a C out of Zucchini, but I still stand by my review.

        2. re: hargau

          When I eat at SFK, I don't eat off the chinese menu. I think their dinner menu is quite good.

          My husband just had the Sesame Encrusted Rare Tuna there last week, and said it was melt in your mouth. I don't do seafood so can't relate.

          Anyhow, I think their dinners are pretty good.

          Needless to say you don't have to agree.

          Regarding Surf - their prices have increased with their newest menu, so okay maybe not cheaper than Boston, but at least the parking is a bit better, yes?

          You may also disagree on this, but I've come to like Ristorante Italiano on 101A for Italian.

          My fav is Piccola Italia in Manchester, but not always willing to do the drive.

        3. It's been a few years since I visited but I liked the restaurant in Peterborough that used to be a theater, also the diner. Both are within walking distance of each other on a side street. The Toadstool bookstore almost next door has a little coffee shop.

          1. Keene has mostly chains (Olive Garden, etc.). Margarita's is awful; but I've heard that Armadillo's (tex-mex) is pretty good...haven't tried it yet though.

            1. Was just in Jaffrey this weekend for a trip to Kimball Farms. It is a casual place with good seafood platters, personal favorite the lobster roll. There is indoor seats and picnic tables outside. The ice cream is the real reason to go there.