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Jul 11, 2006 02:06 AM

Castine Maine Recs

Am heading up to Castine area..
Need good places. Lobster shacks, etc

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  1. Last week on our way to Ellsworth we stopped at Just Barb's in Stockton Springs. It's a small, local place right on Rt 1. Lobster rolls came with very good french fries and they have great fried clams, too. On your way thru Camden/Lincolnville, watch for the signs for Cellar Door Winery. Great local wine with a free tasting. If it's a Friday between 9-12, stop in Brunswick at the farmer's market on the town common. Great choice of breads and baked goods. People were lined up to get fresh strawberries. Saw goat cheese. Someone was selling prepared Middle Eastern foods. Get a list of farmers markets at the visitors center on Rt 95. Some of the farmers make the rounds during the week to different markets.

    1. We have stayed at and eaten at the Manor in Castine many times over the years. WE had a three day 25th anniversary party there with about 30 guests and the food, from breakfast to brunch, lunch, dinner was spectacular. The owner is a French trained chef.That said, the last time we were there several years ago we understood that he was selling/closing the Inn. We have heard those rumors over the years so not sure if it happened. Best thing to do is call the Manor and see if it is still in business and whether the restaurant is still run by Paul. I also hear that the Castine Inn had a good restaurant.