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Jul 11, 2006 01:57 AM

Cooking w/ Wine and... w/ Chowpups ?

What dishes (w/ wine ) are okay for kids and which are not ?

Fondue ? I'd think, no.
Short Ribs (Braised) ? I'd think, yes

what do you think ?

On a separate note, at what age would you let your child have a sip of wine ?

In my day, I had a taste around 10.

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  1. Probably most anything, if you are cooking with wine, the alcohol will evaporate during the cooking. So its a matter of how chowish the pups are. If the recipe calls for adding wine just before serving (like in say lobster bisque) then you might have something to be concerned about, but I wouldn't (of course I was raised on Manaschevitz Concord Grape, and could really put that away when I was but a wee little tyke.)

    1. My Mom added sherry to most things she cooked and I turned out OK. If it affected us at all, she was probably grateful, as there were six of us kids! I knew people that used whiskey on their baby's gums when they were teething too, I don't think anyone used to worry about this kind of stuff until recently.

      1. Fondue is my chowpup's favorite winter dinner (she's 6), and I've never been concerned about the alcohol.

        FWIW, we enjoy the good fortune of being in a small family wine-making cooperative, so Junior has been tasting the "goods" for a few years now. (I use a teacup from a mini tea set as her "tasting cup"; it holds exactly 1.5 teaspoons, and she leaves behind half).

        1. My family lived in France for 7 months when I was five. I remember being instructed by some French adults to down a whole glass of champagne at a birthday party. It certainly affected me for the rest of that night, but I turned out alright as well. ;)

          I'd say tiny sips are not hurtful, and in fact might inspire a greater love of wine and greater responsibility with regard to drinking.

          1. I think ANY food made with wine is fine for kids, no matter what the quantity used is. For example....a normal recipe of fondue would probably contain no more than a cup of wine...divide by servings and we aren't talking about huge quantities here. As far as a sip, I gave my kids sips when they were old enough to ask for them...maybe 8?