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Jul 11, 2006 01:56 AM

900 Grayson

I'm not certain I want to post this (selfishly),as it's nice to be able to walk in without a wait, but.... it's time to "give back".
We had our second wonderful meal at 900 Grayson on Saturday.
I had "breakfast", consisting of 2 scrambled eggs with 3 kinds of fresh herbs, the most divine homemade hash browns I've ever tasted, double smoked bacon and Acme Levin with homemade strawberry-ginger preserves.
My husband had "tom boy"- hash, with small cubes of apple, celery root, potato and corned beef, 2 perfectly cooked poached eggs and pain de mie.
They brewed the ice tea for me. We were generously given a paper cone of donut holes on our way out the door.
It was very difficult to resist the "demon lover"- fried chicken and cream gravy on a waffle- that I had last visit! My husband felt the same way about the pulled pork sandwich- "miss piggy and the general", he'd enjoyed.
But we were both very happy we'd strayed and vow to try even more of the menu.
So far, so fabulous!!

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  1. I love that bacon. The donut holes are calling my name. Time to re-visit.

    I'm a little upset to hear there are no crowds. I like this place and if it was closer I would stop by more.

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    1. re: rworange

      Your wonderful post preceded mine!
      The folks at 900 Grayson say that there will soon be positive reviews of the restaurant in the Chronicle and the Express.
      They seem satisfied with the way things are going.
      I love the food!

    2. Just a suggestion, but if you really think people should check this place out, you might want to give some kind of indication where it is.

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      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        900 Grayson Restaurant
        900 Grayson Street @ 7th St (near Ashby)


        1. re: Grocers Daughter

          Thanks, Grocers Daughter. The address and website were buried in my post. It's about a block from Schaffenberger Chocolate.

          It was the former Travlin Joe's Home Café.

      2. Whoa, I logged on this morning to post about 900 Grayson!

        Yesterday, I left my lunch at home, so I walked over to Grayson and 7th to satisfy my curiousity. I had the pulled pork sandwhich ($9.25) which came on a toasted Acme bun with house-made bbq sauce, slaw, and a side of herb-tossed fries. Yum! The pork was quite tender, which contrasted nicely with the still crunchy slaw. The sauce is too sweet to my taste, but that's a minor quibble. The fries were FANTASTIC, similar to Cafe Rouge, my personal gold standard. I'm definately going back to try the burger.

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        1. re: Alexandra Eisler

          While looking around on the web for other info about 900 Grayson I found these pictures of the burger and the restaurant. The owner of the blog posts on Chowhound so I hope Chubby posts his comments on the burger. The review was kind of far down on the blog page and recent site talk posts have me confused about what we can link to, so here's a link to those great pictures which I KNOW are ok.

          Burger & fries


        2. Can anyone tell me more about what kind of ingredients they're using? Niman meat and Fulton chicken? Hard for this type of place to survive in Berkeley if you aren't serving "green" cuisine.

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          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            What a miss not to have posted the address! So sorry and thank you to those who filled in the blanks.
            Morton- looking at the menu, mention is not made of all the sourcing (some, however). I know that the chef, and part owner, was a high end vegan/vegetarian caterer before she opened this restaurant with her partners.

            1. re: Oakland Barb

              Well, I figured "900 Grayson" was the address, but I had no clue as to what city it was in. Just a little reminder to everyone to take a few seconds and make sure that people have the info they need to find the place. Sorry this thread got the brunt of my annoyance at a different thread I just read that talked about a place on "22nd and Harrison" but didn't indicate what city -- if it hadn't also referenced the Toyanese taco truck, and if I didn't know that taco truck was in SF, I might have assumed it meant 22nd in Harrison in downtown Oakland!

              Edited to make rworange happy!

              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                I looked around Morton because I thought there was a mention about 'green cuisine'. I thought I saw something about that when I was searching for info for my report. The only thing I turned up was something about them using fair-trade organic coffee. I mention the bacon in my original post with a link, I think, to the bacon website.

                It isn't going to be whether the restaurant is green or not that will do this in, but location. It is a little out of the way. Hopefully the upcoming newspaper reviews mentioned will give them a little attention ... and answer some of your questions.

                Ruth, I don't know if you want to edit your reply, but it doesn't make it clear that that Harrison reference was in a totally differnt topic. If you decide you want to edit, I'll remove this comment, otherwise I wanted to clarify.

          2. The original comment has been removed