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Jul 11, 2006 01:47 AM

Lunch at Chili's -- what do you recommend?

It pains me to realize that this is going to be the first post using my brand new username, but what the hey.

One day this week, I will be lunching at a Chili's restaurant. I have never been there, ever, and can't say I enjoy those type of restaurants (TGI Friday's, etc.) on the rare times I go.

What can I order from the Chili's menu that I may actually like?

I do like burgers, hot sandwiches, steaks, chicken, etc....
but I'm really looking for an item that may taste 'homemade' and not the previously-frozen, mass-produced concoction it will probably be. Or at least something unique.

One thing, I would prefer not to order any Mexican or Italian items since I know that no chain can ever satisfy me with anything in that regard.

But I'm open to everyone's burger, sandwich or platter suggestions.....
thanks in advance!!

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  1. I don't know if you'll LIKE these, but they are pretty inoffensive.

    Grilled Carribean Salad - chicken/canned pineapple/mandarin oranges and tortilla strips

    Guiltless Grill Pita - grilled chicken and pico de gallo in a pita with black beans on the side

    Southwestern Egg Rolls - smokey chicken and corn salsa with an avacadoy ranchy dip

    My husband always gets mashed potatoes there, sometimes they are really good.

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      My husband and I ate at Chili's on Christmas Eve because it was the only place open, and we literally almost got in a fight over the Southwestern Egg Rolls. For the sake of my marriage, next time we get two orders! :-P

    2. We get the queso and chips to start and I usually get the chicken ceaser salad.

      1. I like two things at Chili's:

        1. Peppercorn (Ranch?) Burger.
        This is a burger covered in cracked peppercorns that has onion rings and (I think) ranch dressing on it., although it might be bleu cheese. I can't recall right now.

        2. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.
        This is a deep fried chicken breast that is usually quite good that has buffalo wing sauce and ranch on the sandwich.

        Also, order a small side (1.29 or so) of the queso dipping sauce for your fries.

        1. I agree that the peppercorn ranch burger is pretty tasty and the queso dipping sauce is pretty good too.

          1. I usually get the Buffalo Chicken Salad or the Southwestern Egg Rolls.