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Jul 11, 2006 01:36 AM

Gluten-free menu items?

Looking for restaurants in downtown Toronto with gluten-free choices in their menus. Vegan or vegetarian restaurants NOT a must.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Il Fornello - simple, yummy gluten free food!

    1. My sister has had a gluten intolerance for years and she goes to most restaurants. So long as you carefully explain the allergy/intolerance, the importance of avoiding it altogether (if that's your situation - sometimes need to emphasize that even a "little bit" is problematic) and learn some of the less than obvious things that contain gluten (soy sauce, many pre-made salad dressings, rye, barley, etc.), you should be okay. A good waiter/waitress will always offer to double check with the chef - if not, please ask them to do this and if you're still feeling uneasy, order a "safe" dish or go elsewhere.

      Generally speaking, Chinese and Italian restaurants may have the least amount of options on the menu. Sushi can also be a challenge unless you bring your own wheat-free tamari. Other than that, the vast majority of preparations for meats, fish, seafood, salads, eggs, fruit and veg, cheese, rice, etc., are readily available either "as is" or with a bit of tweaking to the original preparation. In the dessert world, you're generally fine with ice creams, flourless cakes, meringues, creme brule, etc. (but always double check).

      1. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but what about Indian Food and Asian, with rice or rice noodles? Aside from soy sauce, of course.
        Fresh on Spadina, south of Queen has GF choices in their menu. And hey, I can't imagine their sweet potato fries have any gluten... (althought the miso sauce might..)

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          Generally speaking, Indian, Thai and Vietnamese are fine (though some rice wrappers and most dumpling skins have wheat). Yes, rice and 100% rice noodles are fine. I'm not sure about miso paste/sauce. And many Chinese dishes are fine (need to avoid soy, hoisin, etc.). You just need to be wary of language/cultural barriers in some spots - i.e. really need to ensure they understand your needs and importance of ensuring no gluten (again, assuming it's an allergy/intolerance we're talking about).

        2. Not right downtown, but Magic Oven Pizza has gluten-free pies and they do deliver.

          1. I just did a google on "gluten free restaurant toronto" and I a few websites which will tell you which restaurants have gluten-free.