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Jul 11, 2006 01:27 AM

My experience at Alex, las vegas

I chose Alex to celebrate an important birthday. We dined there last thursday. The room looked very warm with a lot of different shades of brown and caramel. After we were seated they brought a stool for my purse and handed us the menu. We picked two cocktails. One was looking glass and the other champagne cocktail. At $12 each that was reasonable,but a bottle of fiji for $7.50 is not such a great deal. They brought us a plate of amuse(bread stick with proccuitto,rabbit of some sort,tuna tartar and some seafood croquette). I don't eat rabbit,but I tried it and it was fine. Every thing else was pretty good. They offered several different kind of bread and we tried olive, mini baguette and pancetta. They were all tasty and crusty. Then we were served some kind of pea parfait. I chose the santa barbara prawn appetizer and it was so delicious and tender. My husband had the pea risotto and it was very delicious. For main course I had the short rib with potato gnochi. The short rib was very tasty almost tasted like dessert and a big portion. The gnochi was the best I had, so light and tasty. My husband had the john dory and it was very good also. The portions were very good and I didn't finish my short rib. I should have taken the left over home,but I didn't. We were then served a tapioca with tropical fruit. For dessert I chose the pineapple blini with coconut gelato and my husband had the chocolate banana malt with macadamia brittle ice cream. My dessert was boring and his was more interesting. I specially liked the ice cream. At this point we were so full we couldn't put anything else in our mouth.
Now, let me talk about the service. The service was so fast, we were done with our meal and paid the bill in an hour and half!!!! Now that is fast. Through out our dinner we felt so rushed and we might have had five minutes between the courses. Now that is unheard of at such a establishment.I felt like we didn't have time to breath. After the dessert they brought us a plate of madelines and four chocolates and bunch of other mini goodies. As much as they looked good, we couldn't eat any more. They handed us the bill and even after we paid they didn't ask us if we wanted anything wrapped. I told our waiter can you wrap the stuff up for us and he said some of the stuff were refrigerated items!! and he could wrap the other stuff. I said so we have to eat this other items and he left with the platter and returned with only the dry items. I then asked him to wrap the madelines and he said they are only good when they are hot!! I couldn't believe it. What kind of service is that. When you pay that much money, you should be given what ever you ask for, no question asked. Other than this guy every body else was great. It is just that at a restaurant like Alex you expect a great service to go with a great food,but they need to polish this guy for sure and I am going to call the manager tomorrow to let him know. It could have been a great experience.

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  1. This is the difference between the new Guy Savoy and Alex. Guy Savoy would be the complete opposite. You NEVER feel rushed almost to a fault. The experience there, from a service stand point is unparalled in Las Vegas, and for that matter, much of the US.

    1. Strange. We had a completely opposite experience - we spent about four hours over food, and I thought the pacing was perfect. Service at every level was exceptional. I posted a review about a week ago.

      But I don't know about asking for food to be wrapped up - we demolished everything in sight(!). On the refrigerated items, they may have a liability issue. I know the mini fridge at our hotel had no room for items they weren't selling. On suggesting you not take the madelines, that is very, very odd. As long as it can't spoil, they should not have an issue with that!

      On the pacing, did you ask for time between? I guess you had three courses, so there are only 2 spaces to manage and your only chance to gauge timing would be between the app and the entree. Hard to win on this one, too. You only could've asked for more time between entree and dessert, which is probably when you didn't want it! It could well be that they pace the 3 course dinners at about 1 1/2 hours. I doubt they seated another party at your table that night, at any rate.

      But let me add - at that $$$ you should leave happy about everything!! Well, everything associated with the restaurant, anyway. :-)

      Let us know how the exchange with the manager goes.

      1. I plan on dining at Alex this Sunday. I will probably mention that we like to eat leisurely. As for the food, I believe we will order the $155.00 meal (I think it is $165.00 now). I'll report back next week on how great it was!

        1. Well,I just talked to the manager and he asked if we asked the staff to slow down and I siad no we didn't. At a very good restaurants you should not ask for that. They should provide a relaxing pace for you unless you request otherwise. As far as the madelines, he said they are only good when they come out of the oven!! sure they are,but how about all the madelines you buy from the bakery or if you are taking it home and warming it up yourself. One of my favorite restaurants in NYC(Bouley) hands you a lemon cake or something eles as you leave and I think that is the best way of ending a great evening out.